Stories by Briony Smith

Dealing With Workplace Stress

Knowledge workers often think they don’t face health and safety issues, says one expert, but when you make your living with your brain, you have to take care of it. Unmanaged stress can lead to physical and mental malaise, decreased productivity and worse. Occupational health professionals detail how to stay your happiest and healthiest.

Written by Briony Smith18 March 09 10:54

The IT manager as pack rat: e-discovery advice

Symantec hosted a virtual round table last Friday that touched on some of the e-discovery issues troubling IT managers today, including the challenge of knowing what to chuck and what to keep.

Written by Briony Smith05 May 08 10:22

The IT manager's complete guide to negotiation

Whether it's a bigger IT budget, more staff, a new process, or a better vendor deal, it often feels like management ain't buyin'. But there's hope.

Written by Briony Smith27 March 08 11:05