Stories by Michael Goldberg

Blog: Alberto Gonzalez as a Case Study in Failed Leadership

Let's talk about Alberto Gonzalez for a moment without the partisan political maelstrom swirling around his decision today to resign as United States Attorney General. The political debates are necessary, but I'm more interested in Gonzalez's decision as a pragmatic case study in failed leadership.

Written by Michael Goldberg28 Aug. 07 09:41

The CIO-CSO Partnership

TriWest Healthcare Alliance counts on John Pontrelli to work effectively with his technology colleagues to provide health care to 2.8 million members of the US military and their families in 21 states. As VP and CSO, Pontrelli's responsibilities cover both physical security and information security, and he has found it imperative to form a tight working relationship with his CIO, Rick Green. Pontrelli, a corporate security expert at Microsoft and WL Gore before joining TriWest three years ago, spoke with Michael Goldberg, about the partnership he has formed with his CIO.

Written by Michael Goldberg18 Jan. 07 15:03