Stories by Matt Rodgers

Another One Bites the Dust

The merger between Sun and Oracle is a pretty good fit as far as technology goes. But culturally? Not so much. . .

Written by Matt Rodgers01 May 09 14:36

Command Posture

Smart CIOs are viewing the global financial crisis as an opportunity to get their IT shops in order and gather the best team possible.

Written by Matt Rodgers01 March 09 15:46

The Big Squeeze

Over a million dollars in damages. Sixty per cent of a city government locked out of its own network. One disgruntled IT tech. Whatever you think of Terry Childs, he’s an IT pro who sure understands how to do more with less!

Written by Matt Rodgers01 Nov. 08 14:33

Port Macquarie Airport sets its sights on video surveillance

Think you've got problems with physical security? Spare a thought for Lane Dechaineux, airport manager at Port Macquarie Airport, whose security responsibilities include all the usual requirements of an airport, plus a few new ones unique to the facility's rural location, like keeping kangaroos, livestock and other animals off the runway.

Written by Matt Rodgers26 July 06 10:02

The New Arms Race

It's a new world of security threats out there. Are Australian businesses ready?

Written by Matt Rodgers03 June 06 11:59

Magical History Tour

Everything old is new again for Museum Victoria CIO Tim Hart

Written by Matt Rodgers07 Nov. 05 16:00

Stay Hungry

When GE Money acquired AGC from Westpac in 2002, the CIOs of both companies joined forces to carry out one of Australia's largest corporate integration projects

Written by Matt Rodgers08 April 05 10:10

Architecting for Chaos

Richard Clarke gave up his post as President Bush's top advisor on cyberthreats, but he hasn't given up the fight for better IT security.

Written by Matt Rodgers15 Feb. 05 09:49

Gen X Marks Its Spot

Call them slackers at your peril. Chances are good that somewhere in your company there's a generation X employee who wants your job . . .

Written by Matt Rodgers06 Oct. 04 11:44

IT’s Not Easy Being Green

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service specialises in looking after Australia’s natural resources, but this government agency is even better at looking after its own IT resources

Written by Matt Rodgers07 Oct. 03 13:03

For Whom the Road Tolls

It's not often a CIO is asked to rescue a $2.2 billion construction project, but that's exactly what happened when Transurban hired Cesare Tizi to steer Melbourne's troubled CityLink toll road back on track

Written by Matt Rodgers12 Sept. 03 11:55

Paper Cuts

With paper use running to 10,000 pages per employee per year, Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission was drowning in a sea of white A4. Three years later, the organisation has ­transformed itself into a paperless office — and you can almost hear the trees sighing with relief.

Written by Matt Rodgers11 June 03 08:56

In From the Cold

Australian government interest in open source is increasing, but is it Linux they’re looking for or simply an alternative to Microsoft?

Written by Matt Rodgers15 April 03 11:18

Service & Return

Hosting the Australian Open might sound glamorous, but for Tennis Australia it also means coping with the mother of all seasonal spikes.

Written by Matt Rodgers05 Feb. 03 13:28

In From the Cold

Government interest in open source is increasing, but is it Linux they’re looking for or simply an alternative to Microsoft?

Written by Matt Rodgers04 Feb. 03 14:06