Stories by Gary Percival

What to outsource, and when

A CIO can neither be pro- nor anti-outsourcing. Instead, he or she must ensure the outsourcing option is a tool upon which to call as the appropriate situation arises.

Written by Gary Percival24 May 12 14:23

The many elements of project management

You may have heard this before: “I know how to use Microsoft Project; I must be able to be a project manager.” It is a scary thought, but for some would-be project managers, this is their concept of project management.

Written by Gary Percival08 Dec. 11 09:12

Service development projects

Many IT departments perform software development projects with a focus on delivering software with required functionality by a certain time and for the benefit of business. Unfortunately, this focus for such projects is wrong.

Written by Gary Percival05 Dec. 11 15:20