Stories by Mindy Blodgett

Masters of the Customer Connection

In a quest for the service and satisfaction of yesteryear, today's CRM leaders are putting modern-day technology and strategy to work. Over the next two weeks, we will profile seven companies doing best practice CRM in the following areas: Contact Centres, Metrics, Customer Segmentation, Public Sector, Technology, Self-Service and Business-to-Business Strategies

Written by Mindy Blodgett25 Aug. 00 13:06

The Wolf at theDoor

Worried about the rise of the CTO? Well, maybe you should be. The trend represents both threat and opportunity for sitting IT executives

Written by Mindy Blodgett07 July 00 13:44

Prescription Strength

Pfizer created its own magic pill that brought speedier cycle times and a collaborative spirit to the company

Written by Mindy Blodgett31 Jan. 00 11:13

Across the Great Divide

When it comes to being a good CIO, graybeards and whippersnappers have a great deal of career advice to give each other

Written by Mindy Blodgett05 Jan. 00 17:17

Teaching Johnny to Lead

It's easy to talk about developing leaders. Turning that talk into action is hard. Here's how you can do it

Written by Mindy Blodgett29 Nov. 99 10:58

The Bigger Picture

For CIOs, long-range planning is an increasingly important challenge. Business guru Gary Hamel and four IT executives offer their views on doing it well.

Written by Mindy Blodgett18 Oct. 99 10:52

Is IT safe?

Is IT Safe? Probably not. Why? Because the most sophisticated, technologically advanced security system in the world cannot protect your company's data if the people in your organisation won't use it.

Written by Mindy Blodgett26 July 99 13:48

Leveraging Gen X

Sure the new generation of workers is different. That's why they're good for business.

Written by Mindy Blodgett03 May 99 12:58

The Road Rage

Road warriors are a growing breed, and that means IT's headaches are on the rise. To support mobile workers successfully, IT must often take a whole new approach.

Written by Mindy Blodgett08 Feb. 99 13:25