Stories by Rick Cook

Data-center security tools to not overlook

Protecting a corporate data center is like trying to keep an elephant safe from a swarm of flies. Despite your best efforts, bites happen. As the staples of security -- such as firewalls, antivirus software, spam and spyware filters -- come together in suites of products that allow for sophisticated management, there are other security tools either emerging or worth a rethink.

Written by Rick Cook10 Oct. 08 12:37

Ebb and Workflow

From a business perspective, workflow is a way to make people, information and computers work together consistently and efficiently to produce the results the business needs. In effect, workflow applies the equivalent of systems analysis to the entire process, not just to the part done on a machine

Written by Rick Cook04 Feb. 08 12:44

Can This Project Be Saved?

You've identified that your IT project is in trouble. What are the best ways to save the situation?

Written by Rick Cook22 Jan. 08 11:35

How to Spot a Failing Project

Often, the difference between success and failure is spotting critical early warning signs that a project is in trouble. Here are a few ways to identify the symptoms

Written by Rick Cook22 Jan. 08 11:30

Making Workflow Work and Flow for You

Workflow isn't rocket science, but it isn't magic either. While workflow can make major improvements in the way an organization runs, it achieves that goal only when its principles are applied correctly. We explain the success factors and the benefits that the process can provide.

Written by Rick Cook11 Dec. 07 13:08

Workflow Gone Wrong

If you're planning to implement workflow management software -- or to create a solution of your own -- you need to learn about the most common mistakes.

Written by Rick Cook06 Nov. 07 11:40

The 10 Most Common Internal Security Threats

A recent buzzword in security is endpoint: any device that can connect to the corporate network, ranging from a desktop workstation to a laptop, PDA or even mobile phone. As the number of endpoints increases, firewalls and antivirus software are no longer adequate protection

Written by Rick Cook05 July 07 10:09