Stories by Jason Westland

Project management: 4 ways to manage your budget

If a project goes wildly over-budget (as they often do), it will not be considered a success, even if it's delivered on time and meets end users' needs. That's why project managers need to meticulously manage their budgets. Here are four strategies for maintaining control of your project budget and preventing massive cost overruns.

Written by Jason Westland24 June 11 03:06

Project management: Onboarding new resources

It's always painful to lose resources during a project. Just when the momentum is building and the entire project team seems to be operating as one unit, a more critical initiative comes up and management decides they need your technical lead and one of your key developers. Ouch! Talk about throwing a wrench in your finely-tuned project management machinery.

Written by Jason Westland01 May 10 02:08

5 Goals Every Project Manager Should Aspire to Achieve

Project Managers need to manage every aspect of the projects they oversee, from resources and suppliers to project costs and equipment. The trick to staying on top of everything is to focus on the five most important goals associated with project management. If you can meet the following five goals for each project, you will achieve project and professional success.

Written by Jason Westland27 April 10 05:01