Stories by Jack Keen

Avoiding the TCO Trap

Great contributions to civilization inevitably bring great capacity for misuse. The highly popular management concept of TCO, or total cost of ownership, is no exception. TCO is a good way to measure systems costs - but not overall business value. Unfortunately, too many shops willingly allow TCO to substitute for a solid business value analysis as input into IT investment prioritization decisions. Any chance your shop is unintentionally throwing these decision-making curveballs? Let's take a closer look at the real nature of TCO and the role it should play in IT selection decisions.

Written by Jack Keen07 April 04 14:07

Taking the Measure of Vendors

Many vendors claim they can help CIOs make the case for ROI. Here's how to tell the good guys from the fakers.

Written by Jack Keen10 March 04 13:13

Make It Clear

Sometimes your business case stories fall on the deaf ears of executives who don't understand IT value. Here's how to ensure your project requests won't be rejected

Written by Jack Keen06 Feb. 04 09:50

Evidence Rules

Successful business cases have strong supporting data backing them up. Here are some tips for effective evidence building

Written by Jack Keen09 Dec. 03 12:47

Wanted: Metric Sceptics

Accepting vague or irrelevant numbers for project value can lead to bad IT spending decisions

Written by Jack Keen10 Nov. 03 11:44

Don't Ignore the Intangibles

Even benefits that are hard to quantify can be an important part of a successful business case.

Written by Jack Keen08 Oct. 03 11:04

ROI's Secret Ingredient

Good business cases are calculated based on numbers, but they are approved based on stories

Written by Jack Keen14 July 03 12:09

Tough Decisions

IT project decisions, and the ways they are made, inevitably shape our destiny. Get them right and we boost business success. Get them wrong and we preside over investment disasters

Written by Jack Keen11 June 03 12:20

Plugging Leaky Business Cases

Good business cases are management's beacon for cutting through the fog of value ambiguity, risk and politics. Conversely, bad business cases dangerously confuse value fact and value fantasy

Written by Jack Keen07 May 03 13:34