Stories by Veronica C. Silva

More IT spending expected in Asia Pacific

IT spending in the Asia Pacific region is expected to grow by 7.9 per cent next year to reach US$743 billion, according to Gartner.

Written by Veronica C. Silva28 Nov. 12 14:23

Asia group launches cloud index, 'cloud map'

Asia's cloud computing industry group recently unveiled two initiatives that can help guide organisations in the region as they consider adopting cloud computing.

Written by Veronica C. Silva09 July 11 08:24

Gartner: More IT investments in the Asia Pacific next year

Organisations around the world are now more willing to invest in IT, according to a survey by Gartner. But those in the Asia Pacific region are a little bit more bullish, with more than 72 per cent of respondents saying they will invest 10 per cent more than this year's budget.

Written by Veronica C. Silva13 Oct. 10 09:56

US tech companies score in environment bid

An environmental watchdog in the US recently released the 2010 list of top companies worldwide that have been doing more than their fair share of work in the reduction of carbon emissions.

Written by Veronica C. Silva28 Sept. 10 09:50

BT to expand aggressively in APAC

Global telecommunication services provider British Telecommunications (BT) has unveiled details of its growth plans for the Asia-Pacific region. These included investments in IT infrastructure and new staff in the region, starting with the appointment of a Southeast Asian head.

Written by Veronica C. Silva14 Sept. 10 01:47

NEC develops green technology from non-food components

Japan's NEC Corporation may have found the answer to the nagging debate between saving the environment without necessarily starving the population. And NEC found the answer while addressing the demand for durable plastic for the electronics industry.

Written by Veronica C. Silva28 Aug. 10 09:22

Industry players collaborate on cloud computing

Major industry players recently forged an alliance to collaborate on cloud computing, which has recently become the buzzword in the IT industry.

Written by Veronica C. Silva21 May 10 06:38

New cyber attacks more malicious than Love Bug: Symantec

A decade after the Love Bug virus attacked millions of computers worldwide and put the Philippines in the IT world map in a negative way, computer security experts have noticed that today's computer attacks are more malicious than the original computer security threat.

Written by Veronica C. Silva01 May 10 09:01

NEC develops simulator to test LTE

Japan's NEC said it has successfully completed and tested a network simulator for network optimisation of LTE (long term evolution), the next generation mobile broadband standard.

Written by Veronica C. Silva24 Feb. 10 07:04

Spam, e-mail threats high in the Asia Pacific in January

Incidents of unwanted e-mails and attacks on computers ran high last month for countries in the Asia Pacific region, according to the monthly report of IT security firm Symantec.

Written by Veronica C. Silva05 Feb. 10 07:29

Firms keen on software asset management: KPMG

With the rising costs of software licensing and maintenance, companies are becoming more aware of the importance of a software asset management (SAM) programme, according to the latest KPMG report.

Written by Veronica C. Silva10 Dec. 09 10:43

Optus inks three-year outsourcing deal with HP

In a bid to improve the performance and quality levels of its key application and support services, Australian telecoms company Optus signed a three-year outsourcing contract with HP Enterprise Services.

Written by Veronica C. Silva10 Dec. 09 10:45