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Will Oracle Become the Java the Hutt of Open Source?

Is it just me or did anyone else ROFL when they learned about the pending Snoracle merger? On one hand, you have a company (Sun) that pioneered and embraced open source (UNIX, Java and MySQL). On the other (Oracle), you have something more along the lines of Star Wars’ interstellar crime lord Jabba the Hutt: "As long I get my cut, everything's good."

Written by Michael Bullock01 May 09 16:23

Blog: Cisco Takes on HP and Others in New Data Center War

Cisco’s jump into the server market has certainly put the spotlight on the battle for the data center and HP was the first competitor to respond by cutting prices 30 to 50 percent on its network equipment -- a shot across Cisco’s bow.

Written by Michael Bullock17 Feb. 09 12:06

Blog: Virtualization During Data Center Relocations: Just Say No

I recently was interviewed by Francis Rose of WFED radio in Washington DC. His show, “In Depth with Francis Rose,” focuses on topics of interest to federal IT leaders and professionals. (You can listen to the interview online.)

Written by Michael Bullock18 Dec. 08 10:09

Blog: Why Not an IT Bailout? A Modest Proposal

As you look forward to 2009, you could keep banging on your CFO's door to get the money to invest in new technologies, or, you could take a hard look at your current infrastructure.

Written by Michael Bullock15 Dec. 08 11:47