Stories by Kenneth van Wyk

Don't get into an email mess

Though she may have broken no laws, Hillary Clinton acted irresponsibly in using a personal email account to conduct official U.S. government business in her capacity as secretary of State.

Written by Kenneth van Wyk13 March 15 08:01

Rating the payment options

Several electronic and mobile payment options have become available, but most of us in the U.S. are still using plain-vanilla credit and debit cards with magnetic stripes. They use technology that dates to the first Nixon administration. That's not a problem in itself; I have no problem with time-tested security measures that work effectively. But just look around: Data breaches are everywhere, and those magnetic-stripe cards are often implicated.

Written by Kenneth van Wyk27 Feb. 15 03:07

Kenneth van Wyk: We can't just blame users

Yes, users sometimes do stupid things. Some always will. But developers need to do more to save users from themselves.

Written by Kenneth van Wyk16 July 14 22:23

Looking beyond Heartbleed

We can do things now to make things a little easier should we face another widespread security defect in code like OpenSSL.

Written by Kenneth van Wyk25 April 14 21:23

Kenneth van Wyk: Apple's big fail

It's disturbing that Apple would release an essential fix for iOS while ignoring the exact same problem in OS X.

Written by Kenneth van Wyk25 Feb. 14 12:52

Kenneth van Wyk: After Snowden

Restoring trust in our information systems after Edward Snowden's NSA revelations will take years -- if it can be done at all.

Written by Kenneth van Wyk09 Jan. 14 13:58

Bug bounties: Bad dog! Have a treat!

Bug bounty programs are probably very cost-effective for software vendors, but they reward bad behavior.

Written by Kenneth van Wyk23 July 13 13:42

How to avoid Big Brother 's gaze

Deciding on the level of encryption you should be using requires careful consideration.

Written by Kenneth van Wyk13 June 13 13:13