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Wanted: Enterprise Architects

IT has grown so big that the CIO can't handle it all. To ensure that IT is always aligned with the business, you need an enterprise architect

Written by Ben Worthen05 April 05 09:19

Calling Ouagadougou

The World Bank redefined its mission with the mother of all global networks

Written by Ben Worthen05 April 05 09:14

How to Become a Fixture

At companies notorious for burning through CIOs, your credibility and effectiveness are in question the moment you walk through the door.

Written by Ben Worthen08 June 04 10:32

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Compliance (It Got Easier for CIOs)

Everyone thought the Sarbanes-Oxley financial disclosure Act would require CIOs to perform heroic feats of integration, spend fortunes on software and invest enormous amounts of sweat equity. Now, with the law reinterpreted, only the last appears to be true.

Written by Ben Worthen10 March 04 11:03

Extreme ERP Makeover

The grand ERP vision of one application and one database for everything your company does may finally be achievable. But does that mean you should rip out all your systems and replace them with a single instance?
Here's how to decide

Written by Ben Worthen09 Dec. 03 11:43

Future Results Not Guaranteed

Contrary to what vendors tell you, computer systems alone are incapable of producing accurate forecasts

Written by Ben Worthen11 Sept. 03 12:11

No Tolerance for High Maintenance

If there's one thing that CIOs agree on, it's maintenance fees. They're a great value for the money; the upgrades that the fees entitle you to provide the right solution at the right time. In fact, most CIOs write that yearly cheque with a smile

Written by Ben Worthen14 July 03 11:41

Hot Potato!

When inventory is eliminated, it doesn't necessarily disappear - it may simply show up in someone else's warehouse. Eventually, that costs someone time and money. But new strategies and products are coming online that replace inventory with information, and do so quickly and cheaply.

Written by Ben Worthen10 March 03 13:20

When Wireless Works

The ROI for wireless was once assumed to be a given. Today, many consider it anything but. But if you follow these emerging best practices, your project can achieve many happy returns.

Written by Ben Worthen05 Feb. 03 13:18

How To Kill an Enterprise Project

There are few things as draining on an organisation - in dollars and morale - as a project that has lived beyond its time.

Written by Ben Worthen05 Feb. 02 12:50

Making Connections

The war against terrorism has grounded business travel, but CIOs can provide the tools to get companies meeting again. Here's what you need to know about conferencing technologies and their strengths, weaknesses and costs.

Written by Ben Worthen15 Dec. 01 14:53

Will You Still Love IT Tomorrow?

Getting a wireless program to work today is no problem. Living with it tomorrow is another matter. Here's how to do it.

Written by Ben Worthen14 Dec. 01 12:58

Location, Location, Location

Locating end users may be just another app for wireless technology - or it maybe the way CIO's exploring the technology are finding business value.

Written by Ben Worthen11 May 01 13:46

Measuring the ROI of Training

In this article:
Learn how an ROI study can help improve your IT training
Understand the steps involved in an ROI study
Find out why it is important to measure skills in your organisation

Written by Ben Worthen16 Feb. 01 12:45