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IFA 2013: IFA security stops man accused of stealing from trade show

EXCLUSIVE: Messe Berlin security at the IFA consumer electronics show stopped and wrestled to the ground a man who allegedly stole from one of the booths. In the process of filming IDG News Service was pushed by security guards and told filming was prohibited. Messe Berlin staff later apologized for the actions of its security guards.

Written by Nick Barber09 Sept. 13 09:06

IFA 2013: Sony, Panasonic show 4K camcorders

At this week's IFA 2013 electronics show in Berlin, both Sony and Panasonic were showing consumer-level 4K camcorders. Sony's is coming in October but the Panasonic model is still a prototype.

Written by Nick Barber09 Sept. 13 09:04

IFA 2013: Samsung, LG debut curved OLED televisions

The television wars, fought in pixels and inches continued to wage on at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin this week. Samsung and LG both showed off curved ultra high definition televisions.

Written by Nick Barber09 Sept. 13 08:54

3Doodler gadget makes handheld 3D modelling possible

The 3Doodler, a sort of handheld 3D modeller, made its public debut at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin this week after racking up thousands of preorders as part of a Kickstarter program.

Written by Nick Barber08 Sept. 13 08:12

IFA 2013: Hands on with Sony's Cybershot QX10 lens camera

If you're looking for a way to take better pictures with your smartphone, Sony's new QX10 and QX100 lens cameras might be for you. Announced at this year's IFA, they are interesting gadgets.

Written by Nick Barber06 Sept. 13 08:55

World Tech Update, August 30, 2013

Nintendo cuts the price of its Wii and debuts the 2DS handheld, NASA plans to bag an asteroid and we get ready for IFA next week

Written by Nick Barber30 Aug. 13 08:52