Stories by Nick Barber

MWC 2014: Mobile World Congress in two minutes

The gigantic mobile show in Barcelona spans multiple halls and covers more than 90,000 square meters or about 970,000 square feet. Preview one hall in just two minutes.

Written by Nick Barber25 Feb. 14 09:07

MWC 2014: Sony's Z2 smartphone can record 4K video

Sony's new Xperia Z2 flagship smartphone can record 4K video and includes digital noise cancelling headphones the company announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Monday.

Written by Nick Barber25 Feb. 14 09:04

Connected clothing can tell how soundly your baby is sleeping

Singing along to the Disney movie playing in the background, Dulcie Madden helped hand-package thousands of high-tech baby clothes from her start up in Boston's Leather District. Madden is the CEO and co-founder of Rest Devices, which just last weekend started shipping its Mimo connected "onesie" to stores across the US. The $200 system aims to help anxious parents by monitoring a baby's movement, respiration, position and skin temperature and delivering the information with audio to smartphones.

Written by Nick Barber04 Feb. 14 19:53

Ford enlists MIT, Stanford to drive automated cars

Ford is enlisting top U.S. universities to make self-driving cars a reality, announcing Wednesday that it hopes researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can come up with advanced algorithms to help vehicles learn where pedestrians and other automobiles will be located.

Written by Nick Barber22 Jan. 14 21:46

Here's why Amazon drones may never land at your door

Amazon's ambitious plan to use flying drones to deliver packages is far-fetched, but not just because of technology limitations or air traffic regulations. Amazon's fulfillment center network, as it stands now, is too limited to serve even a tiny fraction of the U.S. in the method described by CEO Jeff Bezos.

Written by Nick Barber04 Dec. 13 13:44