Stories by Nick Barber

Move over Apple, Microsoft could be UI leader

Known for its attractive touch interface, Apple may have some competition in the next generation of user interfaces, according to an analyst.

Written by Nick Barber16 Nov. 11 05:08

New interfaces challenge touch

Touchscreens could be extinct if researchers pioneering new human-computer interfaces have anything to say about it. From brain-controlled machines to gesture-driven devices, there's a range of technologies in development that may find their way into everyday electronic devices.

Written by Nick Barber16 Nov. 11 05:07

Honda's updated Asimo robot learns new tricks

Honda unveiled an updated Asimo robot with a number of advancements including what the company call autonomous behavior control technology

Written by Nick Barber10 Nov. 11 09:19

Supply of critical rare-earth elements about to expand

Tucked in the middle of the Desert, near the Nevada Border, Molycorp’s Mountain Pass, California mine specializes in finding rare earth elements hiding in regular-looking rocks.

Written by Nick Barber01 Nov. 11 10:01

VIDEO: World Tech Update, Oct. 28, 2011

Coming up on World Tech Update this week: Nokia launches two Windows Phones, Sony buys Sony Ericsson, Amazon boosts Kindle Fire production, Wikileaks stops publishing classified files and new technology tracks researchers at MIT.

Written by Nick Barber28 Oct. 11 10:59

RIM co-CEO addresses Blackberry outage, touts new software.

Disappointed Blackberry users heard from Research in Motion founder and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis at the start of Blackberry’s developer conference in San Francisco Tuesday. Lazaridis offered a quick, apologetic reference to the service outage that customers suffered through last week. Customers had reported not being able to make calls or send e-mails for days.

Written by Nick Barber20 Oct. 11 08:01