Stories by Mark Rowh

Mobile coupons light up with new smartphone technology

Today, thrifty grocery shoppers have three choices: They can use paper coupons that they've clipped or printed out. They can electronically transfer the coupon to a loyalty card. Or they can display a coupon on their smartphone, which means the cashier has to manually input the coupon code.

Written by Mark Rowh15 Feb. 12 01:41

Smart grid security inadequate, threats abound

Near chaos. That's the current state of security for smart grids, according to Pike Research. A recent report by the research firm finds that a lack of security standards, a hodgepodge of products and increasingly aggressive malicious hackers will make 2012 a challenging year for securing smart grids.

Written by Mark Rowh05 Jan. 12 03:53

How to find out what employees really think

In the past few years, savvy companies have been using text analytics software to analyze positive and negative phrases appearing in social media and other electronic posts to figure out what customers think about their products, service and policies. For example, firms in the travel industry can monitor comments posted on websites for users' opinions about hotel properties, or perhaps about specific features such as housekeeping or food service.

Written by Mark Rowh10 Nov. 11 09:11