Stories by Sandra Van Dijk

How to break through unsustainable IT staffing models

Critical IT staffing shortages will put many businesses at risk in the next few years if immediate steps are not taken to change current workforce planning models.

Written by Sandra Van Dijk21 Nov. 11 08:47

CBA CIO on keeping the faith

In his darkest moments Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) CIO Michael Harte wondered if he made the right career choice.

Written by Sandra Van Dijk17 Nov. 11 11:05

Get set for a radical reinvention of the role of CIO

Surviving the next five years as a CIO will require great acts of courage and the ability to radically reinvent the role of IT, according to Gartner’s senior vice president, Dale Kutnick.

Written by Sandra Van Dijk16 Nov. 11 15:04

Old mantras facilitate the decline of IT

The old mantras of "doing more with less" and getting "more bang for your buck" are threatening the viability of the modern IT organisation, according to Mark McDonald, Gartner's vice president of executive programs.

Written by Sandra Van Dijk15 Nov. 11 10:17

Cloud computing 101: The risks of Cloud computing (Part 1)

As the most hyped concept in IT today, Cloud Computing has taken spin to a whole new level. Vendor marketing is awash with the benefits of Cloud computing with little mention of the pitfalls.

Written by Sandra Van Dijk17 Aug. 11 17:02

CIOs grouping to tackle tough IT climate

Under increasing pressure to tighten corporate budgets a new trend has emerged: CIOs are grouping together in private executive forums to tackle tough business decisions in a bid to survive the current economic downturn.

Written by Sandra Van Dijk07 Aug. 01 14:55