Stories by Bruce Kirkham

Clash of the Browsers

All's fair in love and war . . . and browsers

Written by Bruce Kirkham17 Nov. 08 10:22

Paper Jammed

I’ve decided that the long awaited nirvana of the paperless office is more distant than ever after receiving a press release touting a swag of new printers, which shows they’re alive and thriving. I have the press release on my desk so I can’t give any specific details, not because I can’t find the press release on my desk, but I can’t find my desk. It’s probably somewhere under numerous piles of paper

Written by Bruce Kirkham05 Sept. 08 11:38

On the Training Track

I was prompted to evaluate my skills and training certifications when I saw a position description with our company that seemed eerily similar to <i>my</i> position on a job Web site. I'd ignored skills development over the past few years, having focused on getting my job done instead of training for possible future jobs

Written by Bruce Kirkham01 July 08 14:05

Feeding the Tall Poppy

I feel sorry for Microsoft. I realize this is probably the first time that sentence has ever appeared in print, aside from marketing glossies that touted "far superior" competing products from companies no longer in existence. But Microsoft has had a tough time over the past few months, and they're being picked on from all quarters

Written by Bruce Kirkham06 May 08 16:15

Boom and Gloom

I see the recent decrease in stock market prices has been immediately balanced by the increase in doomsayers. This follows the time-honoured tradition where economists and other seers say exactly the opposite of what they said last week (that is, if market moves contradict what they'd previously forecast)

Written by Bruce Kirkham07 March 08 15:04

Clouding the Future

I was just beginning to contemplate the formulation of the thought to back up my files when my desktop suddenly died. While waiting for it to rebuild, I read an article telling me that the desktop computer was dead

Written by Bruce Kirkham04 Feb. 08 13:16

Disoriented and Disenchanted

I recently attended a seminar on service-oriented architecture (SOA) mainly to discover why, given it's already been around for a few years (an eternity in IT management time), people are still holding seminars on it

Written by Bruce Kirkham10 Dec. 07 14:24

Truly Madly Secondly

I have been working on my end of year performance appraisal to hand to the boss for signoff, a practice I've developed to ensure a better rating. However, it's forced me to reflect on what I've achieved this year and why that list is so short

Written by Bruce Kirkham05 Nov. 07 14:04

Multiple Personalities

I recently endured another team-building, personality-rating exercise that again tagged me as an Introvert, which explains why I dislike team building exercises. This feeling was not improved when I got back to my desk to trawl through another half day of e-mails that accumulated in my absence

Written by Bruce Kirkham02 Oct. 07 10:16

Lost in the Library

I am a very organized and procedural person. The evidence is in the hundreds of procedures, processes, plans, methodologies and a smattering of paradigms I have filed away. These were painstakingly defined, developed or stolen by me whenever I had a new project, as I always found it more exciting to create new procedures than modify existing ones. It gave me a great feeling of achievement to create new processes - a feeling I rarely got from the project itself as I rarely followed these procedures

Written by Bruce Kirkham03 Sept. 07 12:15

On Off, Off On

I have just returned from a fact-finding mission about moving our IT operations offshore

Written by Bruce Kirkham06 Aug. 07 12:20

Voicing My Difficulties

The lure of free phone calls might be enticing, but configuring commercial VoIP systems is still a black art

Written by Bruce Kirkham05 July 07 10:06


I am embracing that great tradition of those who can't do, teach by offering advice on how to be a successful manager of IT. Unlike many articles, my advice does not rely on authoritative surveys, interviews or research, as I think anecdotes and personal recollections are often undervalued as training tools

Written by Bruce Kirkham04 June 07 14:45

Buying Intelligence

I'm convinced that this is the right time to implement a business intelligence (BI) solution. Other CIOs have ranked BI projects as the number one technology priority for 2007, so I need to get in quickly if I'm going to look proactive

Written by Bruce Kirkham07 May 07 14:18

How Green Was My Silicon Valley?

I'm seeing an increased emphasis on environmental greening of the IT industry. It may be due to the reduced levels of green on the actual environment due to ongoing drought, or to Al Gore's film, <i>An Inconvenient Truth</i>. Gore recently addressed a group of 1500 Silicon Valley business leaders, imploring them to promote green technology that causes less pollution. Companies seem to be heeding his request in one of two ways: Green by Proxy or Do as I Say

Written by Bruce Kirkham03 April 07 13:10