Stories by Michael Kan

Baidu's online library shrinks following piracy cleanup

China's largest search engine Baidu is deleting millions of documents from its online library platform, in response to growing criticism from a group of authors that the company offers pirated copies of their works.

Written by Michael Kan31 March 11 21:04

Google Maps nears first deadline on China requirement

Google has yet to apply for the necessary state license to operate its online mapping service in China, putting another Google product in jeopardy as the first deadline looms.

Written by Michael Kan30 March 11 18:44

ZTE supplying 4G LTE TDD/FDD network gear to Swedish company

A China backed telecommunications technology known as LTE TDD is being used to build new high-speed 4G (fourth generation) networks in Sweden and Denmark, highlighting the spread of the technology.

Written by Michael Kan29 March 11 18:27

Lenovo launches LePad tablet in China

Chinese PC maker Lenovo said it launched its first tablet computer, the LePad, in China on Monday, marking the company's entrance into one of the hottest emerging areas of the gadget sector.

Written by Michael Kan29 March 11 00:57

Poisoned Chinese iPhone workers still seeking treatment

A group of Chinese workers who were poisoned while manufacturing iPhones say Apple and its supplier have yet to provide for the additional medical treatment they urgently need.

Written by Michael Kan28 March 11 22:00

China Web censorship stirs scorn, support

Du Xiang Yu, a 20-year-old living in Beijing, has never heard of Facebook. He adds that he never visits any foreign websites, even though he uses the Internet everyday.

Written by Michael Kan26 March 11 02:45

China's recent Web clampdown a blow to human rights

China's latest efforts at tightening its control over the Internet -- including the blocking of Gmail and Web software that can bypass the censorship -- have hampered the work of human rights activists, say groups based in the U.S.

Written by Michael Kan24 March 11 19:37

Groupon's Chinese site begins offering online deals

Groupon's China site at began offering discounted deals to online buyers on Wednesday, as part of the company's push to break into the country's group buying market.

Written by Michael Kan16 March 11 21:43

Gmail disruption in China could signal tighter control

Chinese Internet users have reported greater difficulty accessing Gmail in recent weeks, prompting speculation that the Chinese government is again stepping up its efforts to control the flow of information on the Web.

Written by Michael Kan14 March 11 20:10

Opera aims to expand mobile reach in China

Opera Software has announced a deal to embed its Internet browser on mobile phones sold in China, a move that is meant to help grow the company's presence in the country's burgeoning mobile market.

Written by Michael Kan11 March 11 19:53