Stories by Michael Kan

China approaches 900 million mobile phone users

China is on the verge of becoming the first country in the world to have more than 900 million cell phone users, according to government statistics.

Written by Michael Kan25 April 11 17:44

China clears Nokia Siemens Networks' deal for Motorola unit

China has cleared the way for Nokia Siemens Networks to complete its acquisition of Motorola's cellular networks business, after the deal was complicated by a delay from Chinese regulators and then a lawsuit from competitor Huawei.

Written by Michael Kan21 April 11 21:36

China Mobile hits 600 million customers

China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier, said its customer base exceeded 600 million on Wednesday, as the company reported an increase in profits for the first quarter of 2011.

Written by Michael Kan21 April 11 02:17 victim of DDoS attack from China, an online petitioning platform, has come under an ongoing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack originating from China after the site hosted a call urging Chinese authorities to release artist Ai Weiwei from custody.

Written by Michael Kan20 April 11 13:09

China's Huawei reveals board members to boost transparency

Huawei, China's largest telecommunications equipment provider, has for the first time revealed its board of directors along with its overseas sales figures, in a move to further clear its reputation following U.S. concerns that the company is tied to the Chinese military.

Written by Michael Kan18 April 11 19:56

Groupon's China site big in visits, behind in sales

About a month after offering its first discounted deals, Groupon's China site is attracting big user numbers, but still lags behind the local competition in sales, according to a group-buying aggregator in the country.

Written by Michael Kan15 April 11 00:02

Razer Switchblade portable gaming PC heads to China

The Razer Switchblade, a small portable PC with a keyboard that can be customized for gaming, will first be released in China and feature games developed by one of the country's' largest Internet companies, Tencent.

Written by Michael Kan13 April 11 18:33

Intel sets up MeeGo research center with China's Tencent

Intel is establishing a joint innovation center with Tencent, one of China's largest Internet firms, to develop products and services around the chip maker's MeeGo mobile operating system and devices using its Atom processors.

Written by Michael Kan12 April 11 21:56

Intel hints at another new tablet chip, called Cloverview

Intel has hinted that is developing another next-generation chip for tablets, called "Cloverview," as part of its ongoing strategy to make its Atom processors more power-efficient.

Written by Michael Kan12 April 11 18:31

Dell to invest $1 billion to boost data storage products

Dell plans to invest US$1 billion over the next three years to bolster its data storage products to business customers, with the money going toward the research of technology like cloud computing and virtualization, along with the development on new data centers.

Written by Michael Kan07 April 11 16:45

China's Baidu to compensate songwriters for music downloads

China's largest search engine Baidu said it will start paying an agency representing songwriters for every music download on the site, after years of being criticized for providing links to pirated music downloads.

Written by Michael Kan01 April 11 22:17