Stories by Mike Elgan

Why email is the best social network

The #DeleteFacebook trend has users searching for a better social network. Guess what: You’re soaking in it.

Written by Mike Elgan31 March 18 21:00

Apple needs two more Android apps

Apple won’t truly succeed with iMessage or Apple Pay unless it expands beyond the Appleverse.

Written by Mike Elgan27 Jan. 18 21:00

Why we can’t trust smartphones anymore

A new class of security problem is caused by smartphone makers that create vulnerabilities deliberately without telling customers.

Written by Mike Elgan25 Nov. 17 21:00

The future of smart glasses comes into focus

What will smart glasses look like? How will they work? Who will use them? And how widespread will they be? It all became clearer this week.

Written by Mike Elgan11 Nov. 17 23:42