Stories by Johna Till Johnson

The mobility business case

A hot topic among my clients these days is defining a mobility business case. The rationale is simple: Mobility budgets have been rising more than 10% year over year for the past three years — even though IT budgets overall have been declining.

Written by Johna Till Johnson22 Dec. 10 04:16

Get ready for the untethered enterprise

For a small but growing number of enterprise users, it's time to <a href="">cut the cord</a>.

Written by Johna Till Johnson14 Oct. 10 09:05

Data-leak lessons learned from the 'Climategate' hack

In case you've missed it, someone recently dumped a large cache of e-mail files and documents from the University of East Anglia University's prestigious Climactic Research Unit onto the 'Net. The CRU is one of the leading climatology research institutions, and its data and models provide much of the infrastructure on which the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is based.

Written by Johna Till Johnson26 Nov. 09 07:41

The evolution of the network engineer

IT is undergoing one of the most significant transformations in recent memory -- yet most IT practitioners (including telecom managers) are only dimly aware of what's happening.

Written by Johna Till Johnson03 July 09 03:11

Selling IT to Business

In recent columns, I've discussed the need for business to align with IT. Yes, you've got that right - my point is that successful businesses need to ask how they can best leverage IT as a strategic asset.

Written by Johna Till Johnson31 May 07 15:22

Aligning Business with IT

How many times have you heard that IT needs to be aligned with business? If there was a mantra of the past decade, surely this was it. And who can argue with the concept that IT and business need to be in alignment to ensure that IT investments pay off in the form of tangible business benefits?

Written by Johna Till Johnson07 May 07 11:28

Addressing the Challenges in a Virtual Workplace

We've talked quite a bit recently about the inexorable shift toward the virtual workplace and reviewed the technical requirements for supporting one. Now it's time to look at the challenges.

Written by Johna Till Johnson01 May 07 14:48

Fear and Superiority in Convergence

Want your move to IP telephony to be successful? Listen to experts from both sides of the voice and data divide.

Written by Johna Till Johnson10 Sept. 03 17:10