Stories by John P. Mello Jr.

What completed Skype-Microsoft deal could mean for consumers

Microsoft announced today that it has mostly wrapped up its acquisition of the Internet communications company Skype. The $8.5 billion deal has received approval from the major regulators, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the European Union, although a few holdouts remain--Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Taiwan--which are expected to fall into line shortly.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.15 Oct. 11 07:49

Samsung ChatOn app arrives in Android Market

Samsung's free ChatOn Android app is now available in the Android Market, but it still has a few bugs. Several users are complaining that Samsung has been slow to send out necessary verification codes.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.15 Oct. 11 09:50

New secure Android tool divides data for work or play

If you use your Android smartphone for both business and pleasure, a product introduced today at a trade show in Germany appears to be worth following. A version of Android called BizzTrust creates two partitions in Android--one for personal use and another super-secure one for business.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.12 Oct. 11 06:51

New Windows Phone 7 handset has Apple elegance

For those who believe Apple corners the market in elegance for technology products, take a look at a new handset released in Europe yesterday by LG Electronics -- and running Microsoft software.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.09 Oct. 11 09:13

Android users: Advice to protect your phones

Android smartphone users can take some commonsense precautions to protect their personal data from being stolen -- important advice considering an app developer purports to know how to take the information in under 60 seconds.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.26 Sept. 11 02:40

Facial recognition: Facebook photo matching just the start

The Internet was in an uproar earlier this year following Facebook's launch of facial recognition software for its photo services, enabling users to identify their friends in photos automatically--and without their permission. Though critics described that move as creepy, the controversial technology may now be on the verge of widespread use.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.22 Sept. 11 11:20

Twitter checking out Eastern sites for data center

Frustrated by "the whale" on Twitter that pops up on your screen when you're trying to access the site but it can't respond because it's overwhelmed by traffic? Relief may soon be in sight.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.21 Sept. 11 04:26

Facebook updates Android app with more privacy controls

If you liked the recent changes Facebook made to Improve privacy, then you'll want to upgrade immediately to the latest version of the social network's app for Android smartphones.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.15 Sept. 11 02:57

Comodo CEO says DigiNotar hack was state-sponsored

An attack on a Dutch company that issues certificates used to authenticate websites was state-sponsored, according to the chief executive of Comodo, a company that also issues digital certificates and suffered a similar setback in March.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.07 Sept. 11 03:48

PlayStation scam makes FBI warning list

Sony PlayStation users are being warned by the FBI about scams targeting them and other online consumers.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.06 Sept. 11 01:10

Google shutters Slide, acquired last year for $182 Million

A year ago, Google acquired an up-and-coming maker of apps that plugged into social networks like MySpace and Facebook called Slide. Yesterday, it decided to hang an out of business sign on the operation.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.27 Aug. 11 02:51

Domain name suggests new Kindle will have stylus

Readers who like to follow the bread crumb trails that gadget makers leave prior to the announcement of a new product might want to digest this morsel uncovered today in the whois registry: This domain name, registered by Holdings, could be a tip-off that a stylus may be the future of the company's best selling e-reader.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.23 Aug. 11 08:29

Facebook changes aimed at improved privacy

Facebook Tuesday announced changes to its user interface that are designed to improve user privacy and make the social network's privacy options easier to find.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.24 Aug. 11 10:30