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In Pictures: 20 best tech devices of 2012 (so far)

The year is just a little more than half over, but we've already seen an explosion of innovative tech. Here's a look at the best of what is out so far in phones, tablets, HDTVs, cameras, and more.

Written by Christina DesMarais17 July 12 14:11

Facebook may be eyeing Opera web browser, reports say

Facebook's advertising appetite could be in for a nice snack if the company gobbles up the Opera web browser as some technology observers have speculated it may, and investors who have been edgy since the social network's recent IPO could also get some relief.

Written by Christina DesMarais26 May 12 18:40

Facebook vs. Google: Who will win?

Facebook is now officially a public company, scads of new millionaires are on a Silicon Valley spending spree, and media outlets near and far have yet to pipe down about the IPO, likely one of the most anticipated in history.

Written by Christina DesMarais20 May 12 11:59

Facebook details continue to emerge following IPO announcement

Facebook's coziness with Washington and the astronomical tax bill its founder could face by exercising a huge cache of stock options are some of the latest details to emerge about the social network following its IPO announcement.

Written by Christina DesMarais05 Feb. 12 16:12

Apple's iPod turns 10

Apple's iPod, which transformed the way music is sold and distributed and revolutionized the consumer electronics industry, turned 10 on Sunday.

Written by Christina DesMarais24 Oct. 11 01:58

Google releases Chrome desktop-sharing feature

Google isn’t reinventing the wheel with a new feature it is testing that allows any two computers using its Chrome browser to connect with each other.

Written by Christina DesMarais10 Oct. 11 02:53

Twitter used for social good and to incite disorder

Twitter and other social media sites are sparking an international debate over whether the forums serve the public good or make it easier to incite disorder.

Written by Christina DesMarais26 Sept. 11 02:36

Facebook bows to stricter German culture

Facebook's willingness to agree to a voluntary code of conduct in Germany to protect users' data shows it is mindful of how the culture there contrasts with that in the U.S.

Written by Christina DesMarais11 Sept. 11 02:45