Stories by Chris Moore

Blog: Is Bigstring the next BIG THING on the web ?

I was watching the news last night, well reading email and listening to the news and I hear comments like "recall emails", "remotely delete emails" and I put down my email and I start to watch the news, now they have my attention. IT was NBC I think, interviewing the CEO of discussing, what I believe could be a revolution in the world of email. It might be the next Facebook or Youtube. This is one to watch. One to check out, and one to decide if you will let it into your corporate email domain..... if you can stop it.

Written by Chris Moore01 Nov. 07 11:50

Blog: Pawns in a US$6.7B Game - Oracle & BEA

Time for all of us to prepare for the letters, emails and visits as BEA Systems Inc of San Jose attempts to defend Oracle's take over bid.

Written by Chris Moore26 Oct. 07 12:56

Blog: Confessions of an ex RIM email Addict - One CIO's Story

OK I am ready to admit that I am addicted to email on my rim. Actually as I confess to the world on this, I should say WAS addicted. I am off, finished, it is over - COLD TURKEY. It all hit me this past weekend when I was listening to Dr. Reggie McNeal speak about leadership and leadership disciplines. Dr. McNeal from North Carolina, author of "The Present Future" and "Practicing Greatness" really hit a nerve with me when he was speaking about Self Awareness and Self Management, two of his 7 disciplines.

Written by Chris Moore25 Oct. 07 10:51

Blog: I shot the messenger!

Last week, during my organization's monthly corporate IT Committee meeting, I asked a member of the admin team who was assisting me with the meeting (let's call her Christine) to make sure one of the IT Committee members was invited to a meeting being held the next day.

Written by Chris Moore27 July 07 16:25