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Virtualization, VoIP Save Big for Software Company

"I have a bad habit. I love cracking practical jokes on my team. Just the other day, while I was at an airport waiting to board a flight to Mumbai, I logged on to the public Wi-Fi network, tunneled through VPN into our enterprise network. I used the VoIP softphone on my laptop to dial out to one of my team members. Not expecting me in the office, but seeing the call routing from my extension, rattled my team members. I, indeed, had a mighty laugh at their expense," he smiles.

Written by Gunjan Trivedi22 Sept. 08 13:40

"The World Will Choose a Combination of Software and Services"

Contrary to the general belief that enterprises will leverage software-as-a-service (SaaS) on a pay-per-use model and shy away from managing applications in-house, Microsoft's GM of Marketing and Operations, Tarun Gulati says that both the software and web-hosted services will co-exist. He thinks that CIOs will choose a combinations of both - instead of opting for either one.

Written by Gunjan Trivedi30 June 08 15:23

Business and IT Tie the Knot

Traditional, arranged marriages over the Internet. Try selling that to conservative and technology-shy Indian parents. Laughable. That's what the concept behind must have seemed in the early 90's.

Written by Gunjan Trivedi01 May 08 13:43