Stories by Richard Pastore

For a future-ready IT organization, think multithreaded, not bimodal

Buying into bimodal IT is like a CIO owning acres of swampland, writes Richard Pastore of the CIO Executive Council. Even if the CIO builds one or two digital smart homes on the swamp, it’s still a bad, bad neighborhood.

Written by Richard Pastore24 Nov. 15 22:47

What's the CIO’s next logical transformation?

In today’s digital business, the CIO role enjoys the broadest and deepest impact in its history. Still, the question remains: 'What can successful CIOs step up to?' In the debut of his 'Transformation Nation' column, Richard Pastore of the CIO Executive Council looks to answer that question.

Written by Richard Pastore13 Oct. 15 16:32

Boston tech innovation scene short on 'digital catalysts'

They may be on the cutting edge of technology developments and innovation, but some of Boston's highest-profile companies in such top sectors as healthcare, education,and financial service are lacking digital catalysts on their boards. In fact, only 170 of the Fortune 500 companies have "digital directors" -- people who have led digital companies or transformed enterprises digitally -- on their boards.

Written by Richard Pastore10 June 15 02:15

9/11: Stranded on a Ship with 100 CIOs

My 9/11 experience was spent in the company of nearly 100 CIOs, stranded and cut off from most communication aboard a cruise ship that had left NY Harbor on the evening of 9/9. The occasion was a CIO conference run by a British company, set aboard a Norwegian-based cruise liner.

Written by Richard Pastore10 Sept. 11 09:03

Why CIOs Need to Think Like CEOs

CIOs who focus on business strategy are surprisingly similar to CEOs. Although most CIOs profess no interest in running a company, thinking more like the CEO can only strengthen the CEO-CIO partnership and sharpen the strategic impact of the role.

Written by Richard Pastore15 June 10 05:06

What CEOs Expect from CIOs

A new generation of CEOs-not in age but in perspective-has embraced the notion of CIOs as strategic business peers.

Written by Richard Pastore15 June 10 05:38

Want to Be a CIO? Be Prepared For These Questions

Chris Patrick, global CIO practice leader with executive recruiter Egon Zehnder International, advises CEOs to ask potential CIOs questions that elicit their knowledge of business strategy, customers and their industries. CIO candidates should be ready to answer these questions designed to gauge their <a href="">strategic orientation</a>.

Written by Richard Pastore15 June 10 05:08

Ruling the IT World

When CIOs think about enabling global expansion of their enterprise, the G-word comes quickly to mind: governance.

Written by Richard Pastore02 April 08 09:02

Challenges of Global Team Management

We seem to have reached a point in our flat-world economy where virtually every private-sector CIO is a "global CIO" - a leader whose sphere of influence (and headaches) spans multiple continents.

Written by Richard Pastore01 April 08 09:30

Communicating Value

A Benchmark for the Strategic CIO

Written by Richard Pastore05 June 06 09:00

The Price of Success

How Southern Company started billing the business for IT expenditures, creating enterprise-wide accountability and inspiring more rational investment approaches

Written by Richard Pastore09 Aug. 05 10:47

Noodling Numbers

For AusMed CIO David Shepard, a new CFO brings pressure to measure and prove the value of IT to his company and its shareholders. How will Shepard apply measurement discipline while keeping the corporate turnaround speeding ahead?

Written by Richard Pastore31 May 00 16:02

Virtual Mentor

CIO brings together an IT veteran and a newcomer for a help session on influencing peers and staff in a time of restructuring

Written by Richard Pastore10 April 00 10:25

Virtual Mentor

CIO brings together an IT veteran and a newcomer for a help session on setting priorities

Written by Richard Pastore24 Jan. 00 11:33

Shop Talk

Ken Harris on the Vision Thing

Written by Richard Pastore29 Nov. 99 10:58