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AI is coming, and will take some jobs, but no need to worry

There will still be plenty of work to go around so job prospects should remain good, especially for those who keep up with technology, broaden their skill sets, and get a better understanding of their company's business needs.

Written by Maria Korolov02 Dec. 16 22:44

2,400 unsafe apps on user phones in large firms

The average large global enterprise has about 2,400 unsafe apps on the mobile devices in its environment, according to a new study from mobile security vendor Veracode.

Written by Maria Korolov12 March 15 00:58

Virtual reality gains a small foothold in the enterprise

The rapid growth of the mobile sector has had an unexpected dividend by bringing down the costs and improving the quality of motion sensors, screens, and processors it has helped usher in a new era of virtual reality technology.

Written by Maria Korolov21 Oct. 14 21:16

Fedora tips its hat to mobility, cloud, big data

The latest release of Fedora, nicknamed "Heisenbug," is a step towards making Fedora a player in the mobile arena. Fedora 20 also includes more support for cloud, and this is also the first release that supports cheap, low-power ARM processors as a primary architecture, in addition to Intel and AMD chips.

Written by Maria Korolov31 March 14 22:24

Telecommuting from paradise

Nine years ago, Francie Tanner was working at a technology consulting company in Dallas when she received an email that began, "Dear Sir or Madam, I manage a bank in the country of Anguilla..."

Written by Maria Korolov29 July 13 12:39

Big Data jumps to the cloud

Kevin Walker's sales team was buried under information. Internal records, news reports, third-party data sources.

Written by Maria Korolov08 July 13 11:27

Where's the beef? Fedora releases 'Spherical Cow'

After being delayed seven times due to reported problems with the new installer, Fedora 18 has arrived. On the plus side, Fedora 18 delivers new management functionality for IT administrators and offers improved Active Directory support. However, a complicated installation process and some issues with the user interface make it a less attractive option than desktop competitors like Ubuntu and Mint.

Written by Maria Korolov08 April 13 11:00

Army takes a flier on OpenSim

The U.S. Army is not new to using simulated virtual environments for training. In fact, almost all soldiers have used virtual simulations, according to Douglas Maxwell, the science and technology manager for virtual world strategic applications at the Army's Simulation & Training Technology Center in Orlando.

Written by Maria Korolov25 March 13 12:07

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