Stories by Anonymous

9 developer secrets that could sink your business

In today’s tech world, the developer is king — and we know it. But if you’re letting us reign over your app dev strategy, you might be in for some surprises, thanks to what we aren’t saying.

Written by Anonymous17 July 17 20:00

A foolish CFO and the company's money are soon parted

During times of recession, you may have to pinch pennies to make the balance sheets work -- we get it. But for this strategy to succeed, there needs to be, you know, actual balance. My plea from IT to finance gurus is to get your head out of la-la land and come back to earth -- to make decisions based in reality instead of looking solely at a magical number at the bottom of the ledger.

Written by Anonymous22 March 13 09:14

Undercover: A Painful Lack of Security Jobs

An IT security pro's personal tale of a long and bloody job hunt and what it says about the industry's current state of affairs.

Written by Anonymous15 Oct. 09 04:43

Taking It to the Streets

Sometimes business alignment means getting back to basics

Written by Anonymous09 Nov. 04 11:35

By the Book

Sometimes a little knowledge management is a dangerous thing.

Written by Anonymous06 Oct. 04 10:46

UPS and Downs

What's the big deal about being on the executive group anyway?

Written by Anonymous06 Aug. 04 11:05

OPINION: Failed Strategy?

The Commonwealth’s whole-of-government IT outsourcing strategy ended up a ‘whole lotta trouble’.

Written by Anonymous24 June 03 11:34

Failed Strategy?

The Commonwealth’s whole-of-government IT outsourcing strategy ended up a ‘whole lotta trouble’.

Written by Anonymous06 June 03 10:32

A Grand Delusion of Adequacy

Anonymous bids his fans adieu, tossing a bouquet to visionary CIOs, lobbing a brick at myopic bean counters.

Written by Anonymous06 Feb. 02 12:15

A Letter to Our Vendors

we ask why they are marketing impossibilities instead of technologies.

Written by Anonymous16 Nov. 01 09:00

Groaning Board

Sometimes the meal isn't the only thing getting served during dinner.

Written by Anonymous17 Oct. 01 13:42

Tethered to Wireless

Unless we take a stand, location-tracking technology could spell the end of individual freedom and privacy as we know it

Written by Anonymous04 Sept. 01 11:00

The Upside to the Downturn

After three years of wild technology growth, it's time to tend to our underlying systems.

Written by Anonymous16 July 01 12:08

Phoning It In

Today, the person in the next cubicle is your neighbour and the company is the closest thing to a community that most of us will ever know.

Written by Anonymous07 May 01 13:08