Stories by Richi Jennings

One billion people hated Facebook on Monday

For the first time, Facebook recorded more than a billion active users in a day: Monday saw about 15% of the world's population log in to watch cat videos, argue about politics, stalk ex-lovers, and publicly complain about bad service...

Written by Richi Jennings28 Aug. 15 13:24

Ashley Madison -- Can it possibly get any worse? (tl;dr: YES)

The Ashley Madison hack continues to make headlines. Naturally, that's because the news keeps getting worse. Worse for website owners Avid Media Group. And worse for the REAL victims, more importantly -- the people named in the hacked data dump...

Written by Richi Jennings25 Aug. 15 13:51

Solved: Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera blurry-pictures-gate #itbwcw

Apple admits the iPhone 6 Plus may have a hardware boo-boo. Some were made with a faulty rear camera, which is causing blurred pictures. So, no, you're not going mad. The blurry photos aren't your fault...

Written by Richi Jennings24 Aug. 15 13:05

Google cloud ''loses'' data (sky falling; film at 11)

Google is sorry to report it's lost some cloud customers' data. Lightning struck four times near its St. Ghislain, Belgium data center. From cloud to cloud, as't were, causing some storage to go bye-bye...

Written by Richi Jennings20 Aug. 15 13:20

Hackers call Time on Ashley Madison -- with huge data dump

Ashley Madison hackers released the site's user data, as threatened. Or, at least, that's what they say they've done. But it's likely that much of the data is forged or bogus in some way...

Written by Richi Jennings19 Aug. 15 13:14

Android 6.0 M Marshmallow -- will it finally kill off Apple iOS?

Google has confirmed the name of Android M -- Marshmallow. The new version will first make it to the expected new Nexus devices due for release later this year. Soon after, it'll be available for OTA upgrades for older pure-Android shinies. But after that, who knows?

Written by Richi Jennings17 Aug. 15 23:51

Are Apple's iPhone and iPad relevant to enterprises?

The conventional wisdom is that enterprises aren't impressed by Apple's shiny iDevices, perceiving them as a consumer play. Is that a fair assessment? And if so, could it change in the foreseeable future? Let's take a look, in The Long View ...

Written by Richi Jennings28 Oct. 10 00:33