Stories by Todd Datz

How 2 Luv IM!

Seven steps to keeping your employees' instant messaging secure.

Written by Todd Datz03 May 06 14:10

Faked in China

The world's biggest factory is also a fake goods hotbed. Here are 13 ways to protect your company.

Written by Todd Datz12 Dec. 05 12:41

SOA What

SOAs promise to speed development and decrease integration time and effort - but only if you implement them correctly

Written by Todd Datz10 March 04 12:32

Storage Essentials

For many companies, storage has been an out of sight, out of mind thing. But efficiencies and cost savings abound for CIOs willing to take the
necessary steps towards a rational storage plan.

Written by Todd Datz09 Dec. 03 13:00

How to Launch a Leader

Instil leadership skills and business sense in your IT employees - and watch them soar

Written by Todd Datz10 Nov. 03 13:31

Merrill Lynch's Billion Dollar Bet

Merrill Lynch is rolling out a new $US1 billion platform built by an all-star team of vendors and one general contractor with an unusual role. If successful, how Merrill managed it all may point the way to the future of IT outsourcing.

Written by Todd Datz08 Oct. 03 10:57

6 Habits of Highly Effective CIOs

For top CIOs, alignment is not a goal. It's a way of life. A list of tactics that you should adopt as your own

Written by Todd Datz07 Aug. 03 10:21

Portfolio Management - How to Do It Right

Ron Kifer, Vice President of Program Management at DHL Americas is a veteran of the typical project and portfolio planning - or lack of planning - process in many companies

Written by Todd Datz11 June 03 12:51

A More Perfect Union

The US E-Government Act of 2002: The dollars, the players, the hurdles, the future.

Written by Todd Datz06 June 03 10:03

The Kindness of Strangers

Africa today seems full of people eager to give our author millions. Isn't that nice!

Written by Todd Datz10 March 03 14:36

Integrating America

The US federal government's homeland security efforts promise to be the biggest change management challenge of all time.

Written by Todd Datz04 Feb. 03 12:05

Can American keep flying?

CIO Monte Ford landed at American Airlines in late 2000 charged with rebuilding IT. Now he's got a bigger job: Help restore the world's biggest airline to profitability.

Written by Todd Datz08 Dec. 02 12:20

Six Days to a Higher I.Q.

At Wharton's weeklong class on e-commerce, count on 12-hour days, plenty of homework and, thank goodness, rack of lamb.

Written by Todd Datz18 May 01 12:49

Romper Ranch

Where serious fun is the root of innovation

Written by Todd Datz18 May 99 13:32

How to Speak Geek

CXO's: Hold your own in a blizzard of buzzwords! Simulate a depth of knowledge that others can only pretend to possess!

Written by Todd Datz03 May 99 12:58