Stories by Kanika Goswami

Recovery May Drive SOA

Atul Saini, CEO and CTO of Fiorano Software, shares with CIO his vision for BPM and SOA for the Indian CIOs.

Written by Kanika Goswami02 March 10 06:48

Creating Better Vision

As India's Sankara Nethralaya hospital took on more applications to meet patient needs, its network went on a blink, leaving the hospital blind for hours. When the problem moved from being an irritant to life-threatening, it knew only a network management system could save it.

Written by Kanika Goswami08 Oct. 08 09:17

RFID Ratchets Up Responsiveness For Fashion Retailer

In the fashion retail business, speed is what separates the chumps from the Valentino's. How fast an organization can respond to new customer demand is key. And when creatives and seamstresses are all driven to turn around ideas quickly, frittering the time gained makes a mockery of the system.

Written by Kanika Goswami22 Sept. 08 13:54

Creating Lead Time

It is known as the second largest moon in the solar system. Closer to home, Titan is an Indian company that manufactures over nine million watches. But the similarity doesn't end with the name.

Written by Kanika Goswami15 Aug. 08 13:04

The Sky is The Limit

Nobody likes change. Especially when the media's looking over your shoulder and your project needs to meet deadline.

Written by Kanika Goswami05 Aug. 08 14:07

Unified Communications Takes Flight

In 2003, after endless rounds of political maneuvering and countless agitations against the privatization of major airports in India, the Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport became part of a global fraternity of airports run by private stakeholders. The airport is India's busiest, with 22.2 million passengers and 480 tons of cargo passing through its doors in 2006-2007.

Written by Kanika Goswami04 Aug. 08 13:40

Seeds of e-Learning

How good is e-governance if citizens aren't computer literate? In a bid to make technology more relevant to the Indian rural population, Kerala's State IT Mission is determined to spread computer awareness.

Written by Kanika Goswami16 July 08 08:16

Making Microfinance Viable With IT

Kanakapura is a township of about 50,000 on the fringes of Bangalore. It's known more for the road that leads to it: Kanakapura Road, on which an Art of Living Center is located.

Written by Kanika Goswami02 July 08 08:00

Outsourcing Tackle

Remember the scene from the Bond movie Never Say Never Again when a middle-aged Sean Connery vaults over a banister and tackles the bad guy? Reviewers could not stop raving how an obviously well-past-his-prime Connery could be so nimble.

Written by Kanika Goswami01 July 08 08:09

Right for the Job

Sanjeev Bikhchandani, CEO and co-founder of InfoEdge, says that IT can help his company with product innovation.

Written by Kanika Goswami19 May 08 15:14

Sheltering the Customer

Third-party service centers left LG India's clients exposed to the glare of poor support. HQ urgently needed to supervise service staff in remote locations -- before brand loyalty dried up.

Written by Kanika Goswami19 May 08 15:00

Riding High On Technology

With its India-wide reach and ever-increasing business, it was getting increasingly difficult for Hero Honda staffers on the field to get their hands on meaningful information on time. Till a unique SMS implementation came to their rescue.

Written by Kanika Goswami02 May 08 14:35

Hustling IT Along

In the early 90's, Domino's outlets in the US called off their 30-minutes-or-free program after a woman sued the company when a harried delivery-person hit her. Media pressure to safeguard the lives of pizza delivery people soon came to India. Suddenly, pizza chains eased away from their 30-minute guarantees. Some companies moved to a 39-minute promise while others decided to forgo the concept entirely.

Written by Kanika Goswami23 April 08 14:05

The Hand Behind The Wheel

In a country with one of the largest and busiest rail systems in the world, Ashok Leyland's buses carry more people than the entire Indian rail network. It's a statistic that proves the auto giant's leadership, but it also says a lot about its dedication to staying a leader and its resistance to resting on its laurels.

Written by Kanika Goswami08 April 08 14:13