Stories by Julian Bajkowski

Enterprise import data exposed by Customs system

The Australian Customs Service has admitted some users have been able to access and view each other's import documentation under the latest phase of its beleaguered new Integrated Cargo System, despite security assessment under Defence Signals Directorate's I-RAP (Infosec-Registered Assessor Program).

Written by Julian Bajkowski20 Oct. 05 15:32

Government employees to road test smartcards

Federal government employees will become human guinea pigs as a preliminary test to an Australia-wide rollout of smartcards federal government services delivery under a proposal floated by Special Minister of State, Senator Eric Abetz.

Written by Julian Bajkowski28 Sept. 05 15:25

Give government ICT image a makeover: federal CIO

When it comes to an intellectually satisfying and financially rewarding career in ICT, the federal government has an image problem and could do with a marketing makeover, according to Australian government CIO Ann Steward.

Written by Julian Bajkowski30 Sept. 05 08:52

Beware of quick and easy wins

IT managers using low-hanging fruit, quick runs on the board and easy wins to sell the virtues of new technology deployments to management need to ensure they are not creating lemons in the process.

Written by Julian Bajkowski23 Sept. 05 08:05

Immigration restructures IT post-Palmer

Senior public servants rarely shed tears in public, yet several had trouble concealing their emotions when Department of Immigration, Multiculturism and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) outgoing chief information officer Cheryl Hannah took the stage at a government IT conference in Canberra last week.

Written by Julian Bajkowski02 Sept. 05 09:52

Stewarding government IT policy

Having been anointed by public service chief Peter Sheregold as to lead government CIOs towards cohesive government ICT strategy, Australian Government CIO Ann Steward has been charged with fulfilling public service IT delivery expectations great and small.

Written by Julian Bajkowski30 Aug. 05 09:34

Abetz announces overhaul for e-government

The federal government is to dramatically shake up its internal IT strategy by the end of the year and will implement an ambitious scheme of programs including identity management, tougher contracts for vendors and an IT skills program.

Written by Julian Bajkowski29 Aug. 05 08:33

QLD IT minister promises better industry tracking

Having parachuted into a new Ministry of IT Policy, Queensland's latest cyber politician, Chris Cummins, is banking that increased research and reporting will sooth perennially strained relations between the government and local industry.

Written by Julian Bajkowski24 Aug. 05 08:00

Federal CIO promises more reforms

Australia's latest whole of government CIO, Ann Steward, has used her first public speech to make all the right political noises and warn government CIOs and IT managers they must clean up their own backyards and learn to share infrastructure with their peers without quarreling.

Written by Julian Bajkowski29 Aug. 05 10:05

Ill wind blows through e-Health adoption

E-Health initiatives have medicos fuming over time-consuming software and parents traumatized over automatic rebates that not only don't arrive but disrupt childcare arrangements.

Written by Julian Bajkowski23 Aug. 05 09:14

Trujillo to punish IT over billing bungles

Telstra's battle-scarred IT shop is again bracing for the broom of change, with new CEO Sol Trujillo singling out the telco's near-moribund billing infrastructure as a key strategic failing.

Written by Julian Bajkowski12 Aug. 05 10:57

Results see key Telstra staff jettisoned as Trujillo fronts PM

On what must be the busiest day on record for Telstra's management, the telco has posted a bumper profit, appointed a new chief operations officer, jettisoned its technology chief and presented its new CEO, Sol Trujillo, to the Prime Minister for a verbal beating over his anti-rural outbursts.

Written by Julian Bajkowski11 Aug. 05 12:43

Senator scuttles 'Orwellian' national ID card

Attempts to exhume the concept of a national identity card backed by a central database have been effectively shut down by the National Party's Senator Barnaby Joyce (Queensland).

Written by Julian Bajkowski19 July 05 12:37

Attempts to blame IT for immigration bungles disintegrate

Attempts by Prime Minister John Howard and Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone to blame information technology for the illegal incarceration and deportation of Australian citizens have fallen apart with the release of former Federal Police Commissioner Mick Palmer's report into systemic failures at the Department of Immigration, Multiculturalism and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA).

Written by Julian Bajkowski15 July 05 08:57

Abbott crash tackles e-Health program

A blistering speech by federal Health Minister Tony Abbott has shocked the IT health community and caused a bitter parliamentary rift over whether Australia's electronic health records should be held on a single massive database.

Written by Julian Bajkowski27 June 05 10:18