Stories by David Downie

How to pick the best licensing model

My clients often find themselves frustrated with the default model offered in IT suppliers’ standard terms and conditions for software licensing. Taking some time to select the model that is best suited to your organisation when you negotiate the contract can pay dividends when your circumstances change and you want to adjust your usage of the software.

Written by David Downie02 Nov. 10 11:33

How to sack your IT supplier

Clients often come to us asking how they can get rid of their IT supplier. Their reasons are many, and vary from performance-related concerns to wanting to reduce costs by deferring or going without the services. This has especially been the case during the recent economic downturn.

Written by David Downie01 July 10 11:32

How to structure a service agreement that best suits your organization's needs

Thanks to the rise of Cloud Computing, CIOs are increasingly being confronted with service agreements that relate to abstract concepts like software functionality or remote hardware capacity. Here's how to structure a service agreement that best suits your organisation's needs.

Written by David Downie08 Oct. 09 10:02

Be aware of your Web site terms and conditions

CIOs must pay close attention to the terms and conditions listed on their Web sites if they want to avoid the risk of costly litigation.

Written by David Downie10 Aug. 09 10:10