Stories by Matt Villano

CRM on a smartphone

On busy weekends in Las Vegas, getting a drink at many bars and nightclubs can be a full-contact sport. First you muscle your way through a crowd to get near the bar. Then you shout your order and hope the bartender hears it right.

Written by Matt Villano29 April 11 07:14

A New Business Model for a Wal-Mart Supplier

An old adage tells us that the best things come in small packages, but an e-commerce partnership between Stork Craft Manufacturing and Wal-Mart Canada has proven a big deal.

Written by Matt Villano29 July 09 05:03

The Extreme CIO

To call Clyde Thomas a high performer would be an understatement. As CIO and executive vice president of global operations and technology for eFunds, a $US600 million financial services company, Thomas logs nearly 70 hours a week on the job. He oversees five data centres in the US and two abroad, managing 450 people who serve 6000 users overall. He is responsible for the company's software engineering, call and data centres, and security. He is also building new enterprise projects in China and Eastern Europe

Written by Matt Villano03 Sept. 07 12:04

No Fumbles

John Facenda might be the "Voice of God" on NFL documentaries, but at NFL Films, the source of top-rated commercials, documentaries and other video programs about football, the CIO listens to CFO Barry Wolper.

Written by Matt Villano18 May 07 12:04

IT's Rising Stock

Meyer (Sandy) Frucher, CEO of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), loves a good story. He tells them easily, like one might tell a friend or spouse about the day at work. Even when he's pressed for time, he weaves a juicy plot and leaves listeners begging for the conclusion. With this in mind, it seems only natural that Frucher relies on an anecdote to explain the importance of IT in his organization.

Written by Matt Villano04 Dec. 06 14:43

IT Phone Home

As the world awakens to voice over IP, some CIOs already are reaping the benefits.

Written by Matt Villano07 April 04 11:53

Recruit the Right Followers

Ralph Szygenda, group vice president of information systems and services and CIO at General Motors does not suffer fools or tolerate excuses. One GM insider describes Szygenda's voice as having a decibel level 50 times higher than anyone else he knows in business. Another longtime colleague says, "Ralph is demanding, tough and at times totally frustrating." But he adds, "Man oh man, does he get things done."

Written by Matt Villano12 June 01 13:35

How To Fire People

Knowing how to fire correctly is a skill few IT leaders possess. Do it right and people leave sad but not enraged. Screw it up and you might burn bridges, alienate those who stay and hamper your ability to make future hires.

Written by Matt Villano04 May 01 14:17

IT Autopsy

No longer an obscure component of network security, computer forensics has blossomed into a science all its own

Written by Matt Villano06 April 01 14:15

Shifting Gears

At a Detroit-area university, a new approach to manufacturing integrates information technology with automobile engineering. If it works, it will enable car companies to build better vehicles at lower cost.

Written by Matt Villano22 Feb. 01 12:40

Objects D'It

Objects D'It

Written by Matt Villano11 Dec. 00 14:23

Wall Street Rush Hour

After surviving a $US 5 billion Y2K remediation, stock exchanges are gearing up for the next big thing: decimals and real-time processing.

Written by Matt Villano07 July 00 10:35

A Smile Makes a Lousy Umbrella

You can't just talk about the weather today; if you want to stay competitive, you have to do something about it. Ants Leetma, director of the US Climate Prediction Centre, estimates that 20 per cent of the economy is vulnerable to weather

Written by Matt Villano13 March 00 09:57