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Blog: CIOs & Key Staff: Learn to Think about the Business Clearly

One of the challenges facing most enterprises today is that no matter how many information resources are made available, the organization fails, most of the time, to make good use of them. Part of the reason this is so is that few people have the talent necessary to pose good questions. (That this is a major failing of our educational systems is true, but, sadly, business leaders will have to deal with the consequences for decades even if the educational system was changed overnight.)

Written by Bruce Stewart16 July 07 16:30

Blog: Getting Beyond Having 'One Right Way'

It doesn't matter who is presenting (and this is as true of my presentations as anyone else's), the structure of the slide on the screen does leave the impression of "one and only one right way". Partly this is the way we take in information - diagrams, flow paths, bullet points all act to engage the "left side", or analytical elements, of our brains, which deal in logic, chains of items, and cause & effect. As a result, we walk away thinking "if we just do this, then that must result".

Written by Bruce Stewart15 July 07 16:32