Stories by Chris Potts

Using Portfolio Management to Meet Company Goals

The fundamental principle of portfolio management is that you first choose the goals for your portfolio and then select the investments that will achieve them. For investments in change, these goals are expressed as the results you want to accomplish (with corresponding measures and milestones) and the shape of the enterprise that the investments must deliver.

Written by Chris Potts30 March 10 06:16

Blog: 2009 CIO Strategy: Business Productivity will Trump IT Efficiency

In 2009, more than ever, the CIO will need to shine as a leader of productivity-led business innovation and change. But she may be under pressure to simply focus on IT efficiencies. She will need to show that a productivity-driven strategy has efficiencies built-in as standard, but that the opposite is not true.

Written by Chris Potts09 Jan. 09 09:48

Blog: Live Research: The CIO Role is Reaching its Destiny

Nearly a third of CIOs have reached the ultimate destiny of their role, recognised by the Board as a leader of investments in business change. At least, that is, in one remarkable country.

Written by Chris Potts29 Nov. 08 11:29

Blog: Beyond the Trillion Dollar Bonfire

As CIOs and their departments move into their next generation, promising to 'enable' others to achieve their business goals is unlikely to be enough.

Written by Chris Potts24 Nov. 08 13:54

Blog: It's That Misleading IT Ratio, Again

An article from the Financial Times serves to highlight yet again the damaging flaws in the often-repeated ratio of IT maintenance to new IT investment.

Written by Chris Potts27 Oct. 08 12:14

Blog: Enterprise Architecture: The Model or The People?

According to The Economist, in a review of banks' strategies and the credit crunch, ‘what separates the winners and the losers is not models, but management.' Enterprise Architects, take note.

Written by Chris Potts25 Aug. 08 14:38

Blog: OK, you're not a 'beard in the basement'. So who are you?

Prospective IT employees want a company's culture to value them as business innovators, not 'beards in the basement'. Given the preconceptions many cultures have about IT people, you'll need to be clear about your strategy.

Written by Chris Potts13 Aug. 08 15:28

Blog: It's the company's investment culture. Always was.

As people now move on from wondering about the value of IT, the way clears for the question that everyone has been implicitly asking all along. That question, and its answer, radically enhances the CIO's role as a corporate strategist and leader of change.

Written by Chris Potts01 Aug. 08 14:44

Blog: The Wetware's Revenge....

When the same word suddenly spikes up in - apparently - unconnected places, we strategy types take note....

Written by Chris Potts27 June 08 14:36

Blog: Who Moved My Goal Posts?

A strange advert reminds us to recruit IT people who expect the goalposts to move, and enjoy the challenge.

Written by Chris Potts27 June 08 14:34