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11 Ways to Prevent Burnout and Improve Work-Life Balance

In 2006, Chris Loope was working as a consultant implementing a new ERP system for a client. The 18-month project required Loope to clock 80-hour work weeks and to travel frequently between his home in Dallas and his client's office in Atlanta.

Written by Meridith Levinson24 Aug. 10 05:16

10 Communication Mistakes CIOs Still Make

For years, CIOs have been fighting the stereotype that they're weak communicators, unable to speak the language of business or relate to anyone outside of IT. But by using practiced communication skills, many CIOs are proving how convincing, credible and captivating they can be-in the boardroom and on the Web. (For evidence, check out blogs by British Telecom's JP Rangaswami, Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center CIO John Halamka and Mike Schaffner, the director of IT for Cameron International's valves and measurement group.)

Written by Meridith Levinson15 July 10 06:09

IT résumés: Think twice about the advice you've been given

Recruiters, professional résumé writers and other career experts give out tons of advice on how best to write a résumé that will stand out from the competition. Their intentions are noble - they want to help people land jobs - but the problem with their advice is that it doesn't always apply to IT professionals and the nature of the work they do, says Shana Westerman, a recruiting manager with IT staffing firm Sapphire Technologies.

Written by Meridith Levinson02 July 10 02:44

Social networking ever more critical to job search success

Jobvite, a maker of recruiting software, released the results of its third-annual social recruiting survey this morning, and the findings underscore the many reasons job seekers need to incorporate online social networking into their job searches.

Written by Meridith Levinson01 July 10 00:17

IT Project Management: 10 Less-Considered Keys to Success

What's the recipe for project management success? Many IT professionals agree that buy-in and support from top management,clearly defined scope and requirements, good communication, and the right project resources top the list of key ingredients.

Written by Meridith Levinson24 June 10 01:39

To Achieve Innovation from IT Outsourcing, Shake Things Up

IT departments say they want innovation from their outsourcing vendors, and the vendors say they want to provide it. So <a href="">why is innovation in outsourcing so rare</a>?

Written by Meridith Levinson14 May 10 08:22

Make Better Career Decisions and Avoid Setbacks

When Nathan Bennett and Stephen Miles started working on their book, Your Career Game: How Game Theory Can Help You Achieve Your Professional Goals (Stanford University Press 2010), they noticed that the vast majority of career management books offer the same advice: Get to know yourself, what you like and dislike, what you're good at, and find a job that combines those things.

Written by Meridith Levinson12 May 10 06:29

Inside Project Managers' Paychecks: Salary Survey Results

Despite the global recession, historic unemployment and massive corporate budget cuts, U.S. project managers are largely optimistic about their salaries in 2010, according to data from the Project Management Institute's (PMI) recently released 2009 Project Management Salary Survey.

Written by Meridith Levinson27 April 10 06:05

IT Careers: Can You Survive Unemployment?

George Moraetes, an information security executive, hasn't been able to find a steady job in two years. As a result, he's had to consider moving into a smaller home. His wife is losing her patience with him and with their financial situation, and his children tell him he's a loser.

Written by Meridith Levinson14 April 10 04:02

Social Networking Profiles Sinking Your Job Search?

Social networking is a key component of today's job searches because job seekers want to be where hiring managers can find them, and increasingly, hiring managers are cruising social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter to source and vet candidates.

Written by Meridith Levinson14 April 10 06:44

Unemployed? 10 Ways to Fight Depression in Your Job Search

Job loss and unemployment hit their victims hard. When people lose their jobs, they also lose a significant component of their identity, along with their daily routines and financial security. Job loss and unemployment upend people's feelings of self-worth, comfort, security and personal control.

Written by Meridith Levinson07 April 10 04:56

How to Discuss Your Job Search with Your Family

No one likes to talk about their job search, especially when they're not making much headway, which is unfortunately the case for most unemployed professionals these days. But talking about your job search with your immediate family can be particularly frustrating. After all, they're the ones who have the most to gain or lose from it.

Written by Meridith Levinson31 March 10 05:17

Leadership and Management Lessons from 'Undercover Boss'

With the Olympic fanfare over, I finally had the chance to watch Undercover Boss, CBS's new reality TV show about corporate executives who go undercover to observe first-hand what's happening on the front lines of their businesses and find out how their almighty management decisions really get implemented.

Written by Meridith Levinson05 March 10 07:26