Stories by Paul Wallis

Blog: Succession Planning

A company I worked for a while ago had a novel approach to managing "indispensable" staff.

Written by Paul Wallis18 April 08 15:50

Blog: If IT Does Not Alter an Outcome, its Role is Meaningless

The other evening I was doing battle with a mountain of post that would rival Everest. It wasn't physically the same size, but I felt like it would take about the same amount of time to conquer. I was just about to set up base camp in some utility bills, when my daughter called to me to tell her a bedtime story.

Written by Paul Wallis31 March 08 14:27

Blog: IT exists for one reason

Never underestimate the degree of clarity that a fresh pair of eyes can bring to a complex situation

Written by Paul Wallis21 Aug. 07 11:47