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Military School

John Carrow, vice president and CIO for Unisys, didn't learn to be the IT leader he is today as a computer science graduate student at the University of Illinois. Nor was it during the 16 years he spent in IT at General Electric. It wasn't even during his five years as CIO of Philadelphia, where he helped the mayor turn around that then-bankrupt city. Rather, it was his experience jumping out of planes and working on the ground as a US Army ranger in the Vietnam delta in the late 1960s."The best training I ever had for becoming a CIO was the time I spent as a gung ho airborne infantry officer," Carrow is fond of saying

Written by Stephanie Overby08 May 02 11:30

Paving Over Paperwork

By automating its collection of inspection data, Michigan's Department of Transportation cut the cost of building roads and bridges.

Written by Stephanie Overby28 March 02 11:45

Enterprise Value Awards - Michigan Dept of Transportation

The Michigan Department of Transportation's FieldManager system for managing road and bridge construction projects gives taxpayers more value for their money by reducing administrative overhead. The system, deployed in May 1999, has helped the department cope with a budget for construction projects that has tripled from $500 million a year to $1.5 billion a year since 1993, while cutting its staff from 5,000 to 3,000. Road projects are completed more quickly too.

Written by Stephanie Overby05 Feb. 02 12:00

Enterprise Value Awards - Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical's Web-based training delivery system,, saved the company $30 million in its first full year of operation and supported the company's reorganisation around global business units.

Written by Stephanie Overby04 Feb. 02 12:44

Drug Companies on Speed

The marriage of IT and medical research may be just what traditional pharmaceutical companies need to survive in an increasingly competitive field.

Written by Stephanie Overby03 Dec. 01 12:19

The Secrets of Their Success

If your company's stock is heading south, if profits have vanished and systems are sunk, who you gonna call? At Waste Management, they called Maury Myers and Tom Smith, and now they're glad they did.

Written by Stephanie Overby05 Nov. 01 11:38

Survivor III

We return to six businesses we profiled last year to see who is still standing and who has been kicked off E-Com Island.

Written by Stephanie Overby11 May 01 13:26