Stories by Stephanie Overby

CIOs Explain the Benefits of Early Adoption

Within corporate IT, the pace of technology change has increased so much that leaders who don’t embrace emerging trends at some level risk ending up behind the competition.

Written by Stephanie Overby12 Dec. 08 12:12

Is It Time For Employee-Provisioned Hardware Programs?

A few years back, when Leslie Fiering began talking to IT executives about the potential benefits of employee-owned notebooks in the enterprise, the idea caused "fear, loathing and extreme distress in the hearts of CIOs," she recalls.

Written by Stephanie Overby09 Sept. 08 15:20

Blog: HP and EDS: Let the Layoffs Begin?

As HP inches closer to sealing its deal to acquire EDS, rumor has it that executives at EDS may be putting the finishing touches on severance packages for a significant number of its staff.

Written by Stephanie Overby01 Aug. 08 14:38

Remote Controlled

Bill Piatt, CIO of the International Finance Corporation (IFC),sits in his Washington, DC, office just three floors above the company's primary data centre. But for all he cares, that server room could be halfway around the globe. After all, many of the people who manage that infrastructure are

Written by Stephanie Overby19 May 08 12:07

Blog: Internal EDS Memo on HP Buy: Rittenmeyer Remains

According to an internal company memo, Ron Rittenmeyer says he will remain chairman, CEO, and president of EDS even after it is subsumed as a business group by Hewlett-Packard.

Written by Stephanie Overby14 May 08 15:17

How CIOs Can Benefit From Having Dual Roles

More CIOs are being asked to take on responsibilities outside of IT. And it's not just the business that benefits. Expanding your job description can be good for your career, too — provided you master the politics and rethink how you run IT

Written by Stephanie Overby14 May 08 12:18

Six Questions to Ask Before Branching Out

CIOs eager to challenge themselves or prove their worth may be quick to take on additional responsibilities outside of IT. But it may not be best for you or your company if it means IT has to take a backseat. Here are some questions to ask your boss-and yourself-before signing on for double duty in a CIO-plus role.

Written by Stephanie Overby05 May 08 13:48

Fresh Insight from New Hires

Want to find out what new employees think of your IT department? Just ask them, says Canada-based Kumud Kalia, CIO of Direct Energy.

Written by Stephanie Overby04 April 08 15:19

20 Things You Can Do In 20 Minutes to Be More Successful at Work

There are things you can do in just 20 minutes that can have a meaningful and even a long term positive effect on your IT organization, your career, your technology knowledge, your management skills and your relationship with the business. We've gathered 20 of the best ideas we could find

Written by Stephanie Overby05 March 08 13:06

How to Get Real About Strategic Planning

Oh, it must be nice to be the CIO of a FedEx or a GE or a Credit Suisse. Places where IT and the business are so tightly aligned you can barely tell the two apart. Where corporate leaders understand that IT is a strategic asset and support it as such

Written by Stephanie Overby04 Feb. 08 12:50

Blog: Offshore call centers get a bad rap... and other thoughts

I had a candid conversation with a IT/BPO services company CEO yesterday. That I was on the phone with an executive at an IT vendor is not itself unusual. I talk to them quite often for one of two reasons: either I'm working on a story they can provide some insight about, or I'm taking what's called an editorial briefing to satisfy my publisher. This call was actually the latter. These calls fall into two camps. Either the CEO sounds like he's reading from a press release and has a ready (and boring) answer to every question or he lets down his guard and we have an actual human conversation that's enlightening or funny or just plain old enjoyable. This call was actually the latter.

Written by Stephanie Overby19 Nov. 07 07:59