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Outsourcing in Latin America: What a vendor won't tell you

The IT and business process outsourcing market is heating up in countries throughout Latin America. Outsourcing analyst firm HfS Research estimates that the region's outsourcing industry will grow 15 to 17 per cent this year. Indigenous providers are offering more sophisticated services. U.S. multinationals have a large local presence. And Indian providers are building or buying their way into the market.

Written by Stephanie Overby07 April 11 00:23

IT outsourcing: Study highlights impediments to innovation

A survey of European CIOs reveals that 67 per cent of IT leaders say they rely on outsourcers to turn ideas into new and improved processes, but just a third actually measure the impact of innovation delivered by their service providers.

Written by Stephanie Overby31 March 11 03:26

Switching outsourcing providers: 10 tips

If at first you don't succeed with outsourcing, should you try again with a new provider? Many IT leaders are doing just that.

Written by Stephanie Overby22 March 11 04:20

Five things accenture's CIO has learned about cloud computing

Frank Modruson has a thing for better, faster, cheaper. As CIO of business and IT service provider Accenture, that's what he wants to deliver to his internal customers and what they in turn promise to their clients. "I'm a big believer in technology and a big believer that technology helps the business in a lot of ways," Modruson says. "But it needs to be better, faster or cheaper. If you hit all three, it starts to get very compelling."

Written by Stephanie Overby16 March 11 05:45

Outsourcing: Why CIOs hate how you sell IT services

Ask CIOs what their biggest professional frustration is and the answer might surprise you, says former CIO Mark Hall. It's not rogue systems, shrinking budgets or network outages, says the now CEO of xPeerient, provider of an online community for CIOs. "The repeated issue every year-what keeps CIOs up at night-is the sales and marketing practices of technology vendors. It's a cat and mouse game. It's not efficient for buyers; it's not efficient for sellers. The whole relationship is problematic."

Written by Stephanie Overby11 March 11 05:36

Why internal IT and outsourcing cultures clash

Everybody loves a hero, particularly in IT-that talented professional willing to twist himself in knots to please his users and work overtime to get the job done. Most corporate IT organizations actively recruit, reward, and retain those willing to repeatedly save the technological day.

Written by Stephanie Overby25 Feb. 11 08:09

Goodbye outsourcing, hello insourcing: A trend rises

Looking back on the last twelve months, most outsourcing analysts agree that the level of IT services deals sealed has held relatively steady, year-over-year. The total value of outsourcing contracts signed in 2010 was $62.4 billion, according to outsourcing consultancy TPI, a figure that's pretty consistent with their last five years of total contract value data. The number of IT services deals inked in 2010 grew by six per cent, according to outsourcing consultancy Everest, noting that eight of them were so-called mega-deals of $1 billion or more. About half of IT service providers polled by outsourcing consultancy EquaTerra reported growth in their business pipeline, despite expectations for a much stronger year-end close. Deal flow was uneven in the fourth quarter, EquaTerra reported, and subject to delays.

Written by Stephanie Overby18 Feb. 11 06:14

Egypt, Mexico move up outsourcing list amid unrest, violence

In what could be viewed as unfortunate timing, management consultancy A.T. Kearney released its annual Global Services Location Index last week naming Egypt the fourth most attractive location in the world for offshore services outsourcing - up two spots from its sixth-place ranking in 2010.

Written by Stephanie Overby09 Feb. 11 07:37

Egypt unrest threatens status as rising outsourcing star

What happens if the country you outsource to suddenly goes dark? Early adopters of Egyptian IT and business process services are finding out today. Egypt's government reportedly blocked all Internet and cell phone service overnight Thursday as anti-government protests continued in the North African nation.

Written by Stephanie Overby03 Feb. 11 11:41

How British Airways made money from IT

Give a man a fish, the proverb goes, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Turns out there's a quasi-corollary for corporate IT: Give your company a more efficient system, and you cut costs; give your industry a better way to operate, and you increase revenue.

Written by Stephanie Overby03 Feb. 11 10:05

IT offshoring savings declined for past five years

If there's been one constant during the years that Dr. Arie Lewin has studied the corporate offshoring experience, it's this: Very few companies understand the strategic value of global sourcing. Even today, just five per cent of companies that offshore IT services do it really well, says Levin, professor of strategy and international business at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and director of its Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER).

Written by Stephanie Overby01 Feb. 11 07:10

Nine ways to find hidden savings in your outsourcing invoice

Mistakes happen. Situations change. Yet very few outsourcing customers regularly check their outsourcing invoices against their original contracts on a regular basis. And that means they may be leaving thousands -- or millions -- on the table, says outsourcing consultants Adam Strichman and Mark Ruckman.

Written by Stephanie Overby21 Jan. 11 06:15

Offshoring: The captive center rises again

You can be forgiven for thinking that the days of the offshore captive center were numbered. Citigroup, Unilever, Deutsche Bank, and Dell are just a few of the Fortune 500 companies who have sold or shut down their one of their wholly owned offshore service centers in the last year. Some 60 per cent of all such captive centers fail to meet expectations. And the third-party offshore outsourcing industry, particularly in India, has reached a level of provider maturity that one wonders why a company would take on the hassle of setting up their own shop abroad. (Indeed, many industry watchers have.)

Written by Stephanie Overby13 Jan. 11 01:53

11 outsourcing trends to watch in 2011

Outsourcing activity is expected to creep back in 2011, but things are hardly getting back to normal in the IT services space. The new year will be marked largely by upheaval -- smaller contracts, cloud-related chaos, increased offshoring and decreased quality, for a start.

Written by Stephanie Overby21 Dec. 10 08:02