Stories by Graham Winter

How to handle poor performing staff

Poor employee performance can greatly impact the bottom line and lead to an unnecessary increase in staff turnover. Performance and teamwork expert Graham Winter shares his tips on how to better engage staff.

Written by Graham Winter16 Oct. 14 10:18

Emotionally savvy leadership

Every leader knows that the days of a slow changing, siloed public sector are over. The world is too complex and fast moving but what will the future hold?

Written by Graham Winter18 June 13 09:34

One Team Selling

Fast tracking your greatest competitive weapon in tough conditions

Written by Graham Winter28 Nov. 12 08:31

One team strategy

Sales professionals have traditionally worked as ‘freelance agents’, competing against others inside the business and rarely expecting or giving much thought to teamwork or collaboration.

Written by Graham Winter21 June 12 16:47

Be brave, not busy

Can a US President teach your leadership team how to increase their impact on the business? The answer is yes, provided they follow Ronald Reagan’s advice to “hunt antelopes, not mice”.

Written by Graham Winter21 June 12 15:53