Stories by Thomas Wailgum

Inside the CIO's 'Big Four' Application Priorities

Every company or organization has a wide range of software in its application portfolios-some enterprises, of course, carry a little more software bloat than others.

Written by Thomas Wailgum29 March 10 10:16

ERP Application Consolidation: When It's Time to Cut

Remember Aron Ralston? He was the mountain climber who, back in 2003, was forced to cut off his own arm, which was trapped under a boulder, to save his life. Ralston had recklessly hiked alone and neglected to tell anyone where he was headed. His grave six-day ordeal was extraordinary and captivating.

Written by Thomas Wailgum23 March 10 07:45

Supply Chain Data: Real-Time Speed Is Seductive, Dangerous

Let's call it the Wall Street Effect: Many companies now face tremendous pressure to ensure that all corporate data is "up to the second," just like those traders on The Street who bask in sub-second financial data and those consumer "day traders" who now demand equal speed.

Written by Thomas Wailgum22 March 10 07:47

Software Licensing: New Options, New Headaches

For decades, software buyers have been engaged in an "arranged marriage" type of relationship with software vendors: too much tradition, too little choice and a partnership of unequals from a deal's beginning. Typically, these deals had two key variables: the number of seat licenses (volume) a company purchased and the amount that the software publisher was willing to discount the purchase price, which was linked back to the volume.

Written by Thomas Wailgum19 March 10 07:10

Why the New Normal Could Kill IT

Plenty of seismic shifts have rocked and reshaped IT in the past. Some big rumblings' epicenters had origins in an unstoppable technology shift; other fissures had nothing to do with PCs and servers. Consider the recent shocks: the Internet revolution and dotcom bust; Y2K and 9/11; the consumerization of IT; and the unstoppable broadband and mobile explosion.

Written by Thomas Wailgum15 March 10 06:17

10 Twitter Types to Know, Love and Hate

The diversity of Tweeple on Twitter is, of course, what makes it so damn compelling and addictive: There's always somebody, somewhere offering 140-characters' worth of communication.

Written by Thomas Wailgum12 March 10 07:40

M&A Mistake: Too Many CIOs Arrive Late to the Dance

There's probably no greater indication of a CIO's strategic importance to his company than what happens at the time of a merger or acquisition: Is the CIO a key player during pre-deal negotiations and analysis? Is his expertise sought on whether back-office IT consolidation will be able to produce the desired "synergies"? Does the board ask for his risk analysis on whether key ERP, CRM, BI or supply chain systems will be harmonious or disastrous?

Written by Thomas Wailgum19 Feb. 10 09:00

OnStar CIO's Career Success Is No Accident

Jeff Liedel is as much a car guy as he is a computer guy. That much becomes clear when he's discussing his 20-year career track and the businesses he's served: Ford, Covisint, GM and now OnStar, the in-vehicle communications company and GM subsidiary, where he is CIO.

Written by Thomas Wailgum17 Feb. 10 08:48

Why CFOs and CEOs Hate IT: ERP

ERP is the primary reason that CEOs and CFOs fall out with IT, according to Thomas Wailgum

Written by Thomas Wailgum12 Feb. 10 12:16

How IT Can Fix A 'Death By PowerPoint' Presentation Problem

IT departments today have many well-defined responsibilities. But what about helping business users with not just the technical side but also the creative elements of their presentations?

Written by Thomas Wailgum12 Feb. 10 05:44

Why Watching 'Lost' Is Like Managing ERP

Since the fall of 2004, I've invested a lot of time, given way too much thought to, and probably annoyed plenty of people over all things Lost. Like a crazy, unpredictable friend in your life, the show has consumed me, frustrated me, surprised me, exasperated me and kept me on my toes.

Written by Thomas Wailgum09 Feb. 10 06:09

ERP Costs: 3 Signs Companies Are Wasting Less Money

ERP investments have long held a stranglehold on corporate IT investments. The Great Recession, however, has pushed boards and budgeting committees to examine IT spending like never before. Not surprisingly, ERP's juicy slice of the corporate spending pie has come under closer scrutiny.

Written by Thomas Wailgum08 Feb. 10 05:37