Stories by Thomas Wailgum

How to Be a Supremely Productive Person: A Chat With John Halamka

John Halamka has two CIO titles, a family, passionate rock-climbing and wine-making interests and a major-league blog habit. We discuss his celebrity turn in a BlackBerry ad, his tips for e-mail triage, how he sleeps three hours a night and why he now understands Britney Spears.

Written by Thomas Wailgum11 Jan. 08 10:59

Coping with Project Backlog

Demand for new applications is pushing IT departments to their limits. Here's why the workload has exploded and — more important — how to handle it.

Written by Thomas Wailgum07 Jan. 08 12:32

Blog: What CEOs Want from CIOs

I received a lot of thoughtful responses to a blog post I wrote in early December. The title of the article was: If IT Isn't Aligned with the Business By Now, CIOs Should Quit or Be Fired. (So much for subtlety, huh?)

Written by Thomas Wailgum20 Dec. 07 13:18

Eight Signs of Evil in High-Tech Companies

Microsoft has been branded as immoral for years, and Google famously pledged that it would never be evil. But as many have learned, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Here are eight signposts on the path to wickedness. How many of them does your own company exhibit?

Written by Thomas Wailgum20 Nov. 07 11:57

Kimberly-Clark's Secrets to RFID Success

As one of Wal-Mart's top suppliers, Kimberly-Clark got onboard the RFID revolution early and has been one of the technology's most ardent supporters. Mark Jamison, vice president of customer supply chain management, talked with <i>CIO</i> about the company's overall supply chain strategy, how RFID fits into the mix and how to make RFID work for the business

Written by Thomas Wailgum29 Oct. 07 13:24

Virtual Possibilities

There isn't much about Tom Sanzone that bespeaks drama. The CIO of Credit Suisse is direct, meticulous and practical, and it doesn't seem as if he'd suffer fools gladly, an impression partly informed by his New York accent, nearly shaven head and confident demeanour

Written by Thomas Wailgum02 Oct. 07 11:58

From Here to Agility

Farm Credit Services of America doesn't sound like an organization that courts controversy. The cooperative association makes loans to more than 66,000 farmers and cattle ranchers in the US Midwest so that they can buy cows and pigs and tractors and backhoes. Its main reason for existence - providing $US11 billion of operating capital and real estate financing to those who feed America - is as homey as the images of corn fields, gently rolling green pastures and rugged, resolute farmers that adorn its marketing materials

Written by Thomas Wailgum02 Oct. 07 11:13

Blog: Executives Are Still Not Sold on Unified Communications. But I Am!

You want some hype? I'll give you hype! Try unified communications, or UC, the technology that allows all data and voice communications to arrive at your one preferred device &mdash; no matter where you are! The concept is also referred to as unified messaging (UM), which illustrates just how hype-filled this topic is, since no one can agree on one name!

Written by Thomas Wailgum19 July 07 16:28

How to Take Your Warehouse Wireless

For all businesses, growth is a good thing. More sales, more customers, more demand, more revenue. But growth has a funny way of exposing inefficiencies by shining a harsh light on wasteful, entrenched business practices, loosely stitched together by siloed IT systems, that lead to high operational costs and act as roadblocks to real change.

Written by Thomas Wailgum26 Feb. 07 14:15

Integration Liberation

The era of do-it-yourself supply chain integration - its costs, its risks and its drain on your IT resources - is coming to an end. Help has arrived

Written by Thomas Wailgum06 Nov. 06 13:31

Untethered But Not Disconnected

Two years ago, Capital One CIO Gregor Bailar gave up his private office in suburban Virginia, with its view of the woods, in favour of a conference table that put him in full view of his staff. The bold move was calculated to allow rank-and-file workers at the company - not to mention Bailar's C-suite colleagues - to see for themselves how a cubicle-free office environment supported with wireless technology could change the way they worked for the better.

Written by Thomas Wailgum09 Oct. 06 11:24

All That Data

Smart CIOs are experimenting with new Web-based technologies to integrate their customer data applications without having to rip out their legacy systems. But before they plunge into the implementation, they need to craft a data management strategy

Written by Thomas Wailgum05 Sept. 06 09:00

The Security Plan for Your Wireless LAN

Take advantage of the latest security tools and keep your users informed if you want to achieve wire-free bliss.

Written by Thomas Wailgum07 July 06 16:35