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Man Behind MasterCard's 100-Terabyte Data Warehouse

Rob Reeg took over as president of MasterCard's Global Technology and Operations in May 2008, the de facto chief of IT at the US$4 billion credit-card and electronic payment provider.

Written by Thomas Wailgum22 July 08 08:37

Blog: The $16 Billion Software Company That No One Seems to Care About

I'm always amazed that people-even IT people-don't know enough about what's really going on with SAP or seem to really care about it. This is, after all, a $16 billion company whose software pumps the lifeblood of most large enterprises and, if SAP execs have their way, small and midsize companies in the near future.

Written by Thomas Wailgum14 July 08 14:45

How Do Business Analysts Become Business Leaders?

Not many people-including business analysts themselves-are able to agree upon a standard job description, typical skill sets, proper training methods or a well-defined career path for the business analyst position.

Written by Thomas Wailgum09 July 08 11:04

Six Secrets of Top-Notch Business Analysts

While a business analyst's responsibilities may vary by company and project, every IT employee and businessperson knows a good or bad BA when he sees one. Here's what the good ones do very well

Written by Thomas Wailgum06 June 08 15:27

Blog: Why Storage and Data Management Will Kick Your Butt

If survey results are an accurate predictor of future calamity, then IT will soon find itself in big data-management trouble. In this case, the cause for alarm is a "mushrooming explosion of data" that is barreling down on enterprises and will be a "global and unstoppable force poised to overwhelm the complacent or unprepared."

Written by Thomas Wailgum02 June 08 14:43

Study shows software piracy declining in many countries

The results from the Business Software Alliance's fifth-annual study on global software piracy revealed some statistics that would put a smile on any software company executive's face: Of the 108 countries that are covered in the recently released report, the use of pirated software dropped in 67 countries. In just eight countries did the piracy rate increase.

Written by Thomas Wailgum16 May 08 10:04

Blog: Just Forget About Yahoo, Microsoft, and Go After SAP

Microsoft spent three months officially wooing Yahoo and ended up with nothing but a big, fat rejection for all its overtures, financial enticements and grand plans. In fact, one news account of the saga termed the negotiation process between Yahoo and Microsoft, when there actually were talks between the two, as "bizarre."

Written by Thomas Wailgum09 May 08 15:07

Blog: Why You Shouldn't Sue Software Vendors--Even If They Deserve It

Most every IT department employee, from CIO to database administrator to project manager, can probably recall a software implementation that took too long, cost too much money and never worked as the software salesman had promised because, they believe, they were sold bad software.

Written by Thomas Wailgum28 April 08 15:20

SAP pushes up software maintenance fees

Analyst estimates say recurring maintenance fees can account for nearly 50 per cent of most application vendors' total revenues.

Written by Thomas Wailgum21 April 08 09:19

One Company, One Vision, One Truth

In a span of three short years, between 2000 and 2002, Nationwide Insurance got a new CEO, CIO and CFO. Jerry Jurgensen, elected by Nationwide's board in 2000 to replace the retiring CEO, was hired for his financial acumen and his ability to transform a business's culture

Written by Thomas Wailgum07 March 08 12:10