Stories by Beverley Head

Good Relations

Outsourcing is increasingly common practice in information technology. For the company which is outsourcing, selecting a business partner for the next five to 10 years can be nerve-racking. For the company bidding for the work it's a costly and time-consuming business, which may or may not deliver a profit.

Written by Beverley Head09 Aug. 99 15:22

For Whom the Bill Tolls

As one countdown draws to a close, another begins. Beverley Head reports on the looming scramble for GST compliance

Written by Beverley Head25 May 99 11:54

Great Expectations

Tight nexus between information systems and business strategy is the grail for the global corporation. To date the grail has been chimerical for most chief executive officers, whose expectations of technology have rarely been matched by practice. Yet they remain optimistic. They have to.

Written by Beverley Head03 May 99 12:58

What's Next?

What will the successful corporation look like in the new millennium? "What if we get past the Y2K bug and there's any business left?" muses one consultant

Written by Beverley Head12 April 99 10:23

Maximum Security

One in three Australian companies last year suffered some form of computer abuse, one in five lost or had their data changed, and for almost one in 20 the attack cost them more than $100,000. A new survey by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and the Victorian Computer Crime Squad, released in February, found also that organised data attacks are on the rise, leaving little room for corporate complacency.

Written by Beverley Head09 March 99 17:35

IT's a Mad, Mad, Mad World

No doubt about it, there are many hazards along the path of an IS executive career. CIOs who have been there offer advice on how to avoid the pitfalls and cultivate effective survival strategies

Written by Beverley Head02 Feb. 99 12:28

Risky Business

For companies accustomed to doing business in up to a dozen European currencies, the arrival of the euro should be a blessing. But only if they first ward off a couple of potential curses

Written by Beverley Head15 Dec. 98 12:25