Stories by Beverley Head

Full Market Value

The average chief executive in Australia will this year be rewarded with a pay packet containing $584,000. Four out of five executives in charge of enterprise information systems get less than a quarter of that. However, there is a select band of CIOs commanding $1 million plus packages.

Written by Beverley Head11 Dec. 00 14:00

Trial Runs

A skunk works project helped a leading law firm develop new business models for the Internet space.

Written by Beverley Head15 Nov. 00 11:04

Boardroom Blues

After decades of hard slog, the value of information technology is finally pulling into focus for Australian boardrooms. However, CEO's and company directors still prefer to keep their IT staff at arm's length. Beverley Head reports on the scratchy relationship which persists between the CEO and the CIO.

Written by Beverley Head16 Oct. 00 10:26

Sun Above, Death Below

The blue skies promised by the dotcom companies were irresistible to many financial analysts and investors. However, like Icarus flying too close to the sun, many investors came unstuck when the NASDAQ went into meltdown earlier this year. Now the Icarus investors are back, only this time with a parachute. Beverley Head reports on how common sense returned to the marketplace

Written by Beverley Head11 Aug. 00 14:00

Shortage? What Shortage?

"People. People who need people - are the luckiest people in the world." Unless, of course, the needy people are chief information officers looking for IT staff. But, asks Beverley Head, are they really as unlucky as some of the skills shortage bleaters would have us believe?

Written by Beverley Head07 July 00 13:44

Putting the ‘I' in Citibank

According to Goldman Sachs, Citibank is possibly the most Internet-ready of the banks operating in Asia. CIO reports on how the Australian organisation tackles the challenges of the Internet age

Written by Beverley Head31 May 00 16:02

CEOs Who Get IT

Chief executive officers in the new millennium face a significant challenge. They have to prime their business for the new economy while still respecting the strength of their revenue streams from the old economy. CIO looks at how CEOs are simultaneously wrestling with business and e-business

Written by Beverley Head27 April 00 12:13

The Need for Speed

Wanted: Leaders for the new economy. Elite executives only need apply. Location, salary, terms negotiable. Such is the language of recruitment in the new millennium. Beverley Head meets a man fluent with the market's latest demands

Written by Beverley Head04 April 00 14:41

Adapt or Die

Like all other members of the human race, the chief information officer is subject to the forces of evolution. Beverley Head reports on a seminar which explained how the fittest survive

Written by Beverley Head04 April 00 14:41

The Human Touch

Man and the machine has become a cliché; but big business frequently forgets that man (and woman) are human beings, with all the incumbent frailties of that condition

Written by Beverley Head06 March 00 10:31

Bowl 'Em Over

What happens when one of them becomes one of us? CIO asks the question of Com Tech's new chief information officer, who has recently leapt the fence separating computer user and computer provider

Written by Beverley Head28 Jan. 00 13:19

Front Page Views

Technology underpins everything a modern newspaper and magazine publishing company does. But it also creates an uncertain future. CIO spoke with Fairfax CEO Fred Hilmer and asked him how he harnesses technology to steer and shape the business for the next millennium.

Written by Beverley Head01 Dec. 99 12:25

Take the Money and What?

The board has just given its blessing to the IT budget. You ease back into your chair and gradually expel the breath you've been holding. Then the chairman smiles, waves his spangled wand, and bestows an unexpected 15 per cent. Beverley Head asks a selection of leading CIOs how they'd blow the dough

Written by Beverley Head03 Nov. 99 12:41

Catch ‘Em If You Can

Capturing and keeping information technology skills is critical for suppliers and users of computers and communications. Increasingly IT and human resources are working together, developing complex lures which will attract new staff. But once hooked, how do you keep the big fish on the line? CIO trawls for answers

Written by Beverley Head06 Oct. 99 13:17

Step by Step

You may be smart, you may be expensive, you may have a track record and qualifications as long as your arm. But once a new employer hires you, you're the new chum and you have to prove yourself all over again. Beverley Head maps out the steps CIOs should take and stumbles they need to avoid when they take on a new challenge

Written by Beverley Head06 Oct. 99 13:17