Stories by Beverley Head

What You're Looking for in a CIO

It was a 10,000 pound sterling bet that got John Loebenstein into computing. During the 1980s as a specialist in reinsurance and risk management, Loebenstein was visiting an insurance company in England, watching rows of people inputting information from travel agents into an insurance company system. Loebenstein told the manager he could write a program that would cut the number of people needed by 90 per cent

Written by Beverley Head08 May 02 12:00

Post Haste

Valda Berzins would like to be chief executive officer of Australia Post; she makes no bones about her ambition. But she is not convinced that there is yet an easy transition from her current role as CIO of the organisation across into the CEO role. She hopes to move first into another senior management role in Australia Post that might help her further her ultimate ambition

Written by Beverley Head08 May 02 11:45

Altered States

People are willing to change. They're just not willing to change continuously, says Dr Max Jory, a senior lecturer in psychology at Monash University."Change consumes a lot of our resources," he warns.

Written by Beverley Head08 May 02 11:45

Prodigal Sums

IT regularly gets rapped on the knuckles for overspending, over-promising and under-delivering. Expensive projects, hyped as huge productivity boosters, cost trimmers or revenue generators, never see the light of day and garner media headlines. But is IT business's only wayward child? How do CEOs rank the risks and rewards of IT investment in relation to other business disciplines?

Written by Beverley Head08 March 02 10:45

CEOs are from Mars, CIOs are from Pluto

CIOs hunger for a strong dialogue with their CEOs. Trouble is, their CEOs don't always reciprocate. Beverley Head explores the unrequited relationship.

Written by Beverley Head08 March 02 10:30

Peer Pressure

Old money and the new economy is a recipe for growth.

Written by Beverley Head03 Dec. 01 12:20

The New Deal

Roll up, roll up for the greatest deals in town.
Beverley Head looks at some of the stunts that vendors are pulling to win your IT budget dollars.

Written by Beverley Head22 Oct. 01 12:10

Off the Rails

Information technology employment was a huge locomotive, steaming along faster and faster.
Then the track ran out. Beverley Head reports

Written by Beverley Head22 Oct. 01 11:19

Bang for the Budget

Old hands in the CIO game have seen their budgets rise and fall over the years in lockstep with the broader economy. Beverley Head asks them how to best ride out the peaks and troughs.

Written by Beverley Head22 Oct. 01 10:54

Stormy Weather

In a four part analysis Beverley Head casts a weather eye over the Australian IT marketplace, and asks savvy CIOs how they steer safely through the storm.

Written by Beverley Head22 Oct. 01 10:30

Getting Personal

Privacy has often been cast as the victim of the information age. New legislation that comes into force in December aims to change that.

Written by Beverley Head23 July 01 13:41

Take Me to My Leader

Analysts suggest that CEOs come from Mars and CIOs hail from Venus. Maybe. But they have to find a way to communicate if business is to reap the full benefits of technology. Beverley Head examines the reporting structures that prevail and those that present problems.

Written by Beverley Head06 June 01 11:11

Patently Obvious

The arrival of Australia's innovation patent this month should make it easier for business to protect intellectual property associated with e-commerce processes and, in some cases, secure an eight-year monopoly over best practice.

Written by Beverley Head07 May 01 14:38

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Human ambition is a powerful force. It has seen mountains conquered, oceans traversed, continents carved and (latterly) information systems tamed. Beverley Head identifies what it takes to get to the top

Written by Beverley Head06 April 01 12:48

Can't Get No Satisfaction

Next year mankind will spend $US2.4 trillion on information technology. The people who sell it are thrilled. The people who buy it aren't. They want better service, better products, faster delivery and more honesty. But they
Can't Get No Satisfaction

Written by Beverley Head05 March 01 13:26