Stories by Beverley Head

Sitting Pretty

Meet Telstra's Ted Pretty, a man who balances the communications needs of consumers, governments and businesses - and still manages to remain sane

Written by Beverley Head11 Sept. 03 12:21

A Happy Medium?

Vendors have pretty much wooed (and won) most of the CIOs at the big end of town. Now they have a new object of their affection: small-to-medium enterprises. But are SMEs ready, willing and able for courtship?

Written by Beverley Head14 July 03 12:40

Educate You

There is no prescribed educational route to the profession; no undergraduate course from which one emerges with the letters "CIO" freshly stamped on the forehead. CIOs emerge from teaching, from accounting, from the armed services, from computer programming. All are educated, but none have been trained to be CIOs, they have learned their craft from a combination of experience and judiciously selected education and training programs

Written by Beverley Head11 June 03 12:12

Nothing But Value

Corporations grapple with the shifting nature of competition on a daily basis. Once competitive advantage could be held in your hands - it was a better mousetrap, a richer mine, a faster car

Written by Beverley Head07 May 03 13:09

Acquiring Minds

Last year may have been a low-water mark for mergers and acquisitions in Australia but 2003's M&A activity is expected to hot up. The M&A challenge for the CIO is to ensure that due, not dud, diligence is done with regard to information systems.

Written by Beverley Head07 May 03 11:03

Return of Putting Panthers in the Pink

James Huckerby's first anniversary as the CIO of Panthers has recently come and gone. On the other hand, Roger Cowan has chalked up 37 years as the club's general manager. Along the way he's developed a healthy scepticism for over-hyped IT solutions.
A less than perfect match? Guess again. The relationship is not only working, but working well.

Written by Beverley Head10 March 03 12:12

Lingua Banca

The XBRL system for tagging electronic financial information is developing all the hallmarks of a looming international standard. And it will be a standard demanding collaboration between the CIO and the CFO.

Written by Beverley Head05 Feb. 03 14:56

Front and Centre Shoulder to Shoulder Back to Back

With these words Bob Hayward, senior vice president for Gartner in the Asia Pacific, set the tone for the firm's annual Symposium/ITxpo held in Sydney in mid-November. The message would have been no great shock to the 1400 delegates who had gathered to hear the regional and international analyst line-up.

Written by Beverley Head09 Dec. 02 11:28

Here Today . . . Gone Tomorrow?

It's never going to happen is it? No IT supplier is ever going to cook the books and end up in the hands of liquidators. No software company is ever going to run out of cash and be hung out to dry. No hardware supplier is going to see its systems discontinued after a hostile takeover.

So stop reading right now . . .

Written by Beverley Head11 Nov. 02 11:30

Spinning Out

The new Chief Executive Officer arrived swinging a sharp axe. The IT team of 10 was one of the first to feel its cold edge. Within months the 10 were felled to two, one of whom was the IT director.

Written by Beverley Head09 Oct. 02 10:15

A Brand New Experience

It dawned on Peter James that he urgently needed to rein in corporate brands and divisions when he was on his way to visit operations in Perth. He had identified seven Web sites through which the company connected with clients and suppliers.

Written by Beverley Head09 Oct. 02 09:45

Getting Panthers in the Pink

West of Sydney on the flat plains that eventually give way to the Blue Mountains, a series of stocky towers hunker down in a scrum. It is a fitting architectural statement for Panthers Entertainment Group (PEG), the broad network of businesses which grew out of the Penrith Panthers rugby league club.

Written by Beverley Head06 Sept. 02 11:00

Minding the Merger

Just 60 days separated the signing of a memorandum of understanding between professional service firms Ernst & Young and Andersen and the eventual merger of their Australian operations. That frantic pace galvanised integration teams, glued together composite teams and created an urgent energy, but it also led to less-than-optimal communications, particularly about some of the IT changes, and demanded a superhuman effort from the IT and administrative teams.

Written by Beverley Head06 Sept. 02 11:00

Just Do It

When Lou Gerstner was appointed to head IBM and turn the then unsteady behemoth around, he was clear that he was not big on the"vision thing". It was an admission that stunned analysts, competitors and not a few clients

Written by Beverley Head05 Aug. 02 10:04

Summit Dreams

An in-depth study of five top CIOs conducted in the UK took in this comment from an oil company information systems executive:"You may have a vision of the Everest you want to climb, but you have no way of knowing how you are going to get to it. It is the classic multilevel mountain climb, where you have to scale the first stage to see the next stage more clearly."

Written by Beverley Head08 July 02 10:30